Ice Cream Baby!

So Jay and I decided to take a little road trip this weekend up to Burlington, VT.  It’s about a 3 hour drive from where we live and we’ve heard really great things about the area, so we decided why not?!?  WELL, when I realized that a certain sweets factory was on the way up, I knew we just had to stop!  Any guesses…..

It’s sweet and delicious…

It involves using THESE…

And it’s one of my favorite things EVER…


It was SO COOL to see how and where the ice creamy goodness is made.  Who would have thought so much goes into making ice cream!  This was the beginning of our tour:

And this was the “Flavor Graveyard” where all of the retired flavors have been brought (so sad!)  Can you believe that there was actually a sweet potato pie flavored ice cream?  I love ice cream, and I love sweet potatoes, but together…not quite sold on that one!

But I DO love the ice cream I had here: Oatmeal Cookie Chunk (sweet cream cinnamon ice cream with oatmeal cookie chunks and fudge…YUMM!)

It was an awesome tour! OH, I almost forgot…we ALSO got to try one of their NEW flavors, Milk and Cookies. Again, HOLY YUM!  I left a happy girl! :)

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