Tour #2 – Magic Hat Brewery

So the first day of our trip into Burlington included not only our Ben & Jerry’s tour, but we also toured the Magic Hat Brewery!  Jay had already seen the tour before, but he was sweet enough to endure it again for me (like it took too much convincing…free samples? Sure!)

I didn’t get a chance to take too many pictures since our camera was quickly dying, but I did get a couple:

Here’s the outside of the brewery…you could smell the hops as soon as you stepped out of the car!  They currently brew 4 year-round beers, and 4 seasonal beers.

Here’s where the “goods” are made.  It was quite impressive to see the massive amounts of beer all in one place!  Our tour guide told us that the brewery typically produces about 1/4 million beers a DAY.  CRAZY, right?!?

Look at all this stuff!  Our tour guide also said that this a large amount to have in the brewery at one time, but with summer coming up soon, they tend to produce a little more.  We all know there’s nothing like a cold beverage on a warm spring or summer day! 😀

We were able to sample all 8 of the beers they are currently brewing, but I only sampled 5 of them (the other 3 would have been too dark).  I’m not typically a big microbrew fan, but my favorite out of the bunch was called Wacko.

Magic Hat describes Wacko as “a delicious summer beer with a big malty aroma, a subdued hop and a clean, slightly sweet finish”.  And it’s actually made from beet sugar!

The tour was super fun, and I’m really glad I got to check it out!

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