Shrimp…in my house??

Good Evening!!  So I had a change of plans tonight with the gym; the more I thought about it at work, I really hate going on Mondays!  It’s just SO crowded there, and to try to get a machine can take more wait time than I need!  Plus, I was also in the mood to get a little extra core work and stretching, so I knew JUST the trick…pilates!   So I did 30 minutes on the treadmill (lucky enough to have one at home!) covering a little over 3 miles.  Then I did my fave pilates DVD: On the Ball Pilates Workout for Beginners.  Granted, I’ve been doing it a while, and don’t really consider myself a “beginner”, but since I don’t always do this workout, I can still always feel it the next day.  Don’t you just love that feeling of your muscles being tight and sore…but in a good way?? 😛

After my awesome workout and a quick shower, it was time to get cookin!  Now, you might have guessed from my post title that having shrimp in our house is not a common occurrence.  Jay has long been a “seafood hater” but has just recently started to get more adventurous (YAY!).  So when I saw shrimp on sale this week at the grocery store, I figured I’d give it a whirl!  Tonight’s creation was Shrimp & sauteed zucchini, onions, and carrots, in a tomato-basil sauce.

The verdict: Courtney – “Not too shabby, I like it!” Jay  – “It’s not bad…good flavor.”

However, 10 minutes later, some shrimps magically began floating over to my bowl!  Haha, he couldn’t handle too much of it, but I was proud of what he did try! :)

I also got adventurous this evening and decided to roast the turkey I had planned on cooking yesterday!  We were planning on doing it Wednesday for dinner, but just realized our plans would make that difficult.  So in the oven it went, and just finished cooking about a 1/2 hour ago.  HOLY YUM!!  I never realized I could cook a turkey! Just a little butter, salt & pepper and some poultry seasoning 😀

So you like my makeshift roasting rack??  I began to panic when I realized I didn’t have one (hello, wedding registry, what was I thinking?!?) so I took 2 clothespins and snapped together 2 cooling racks that I had.  Worked perfect!  You’d be amazed what ideas you can come up with in a pinch!  So now I just need to decide what recipes to use with leftover turkey, since I think Jay and I are going to have a hard time eating all 7.83 pounds of it on our own at once!  Any ideas would be WELCOME! 😀

True to normal routine, tonight’s eating had to conclude with something sweet, so I decided to have a piece of my white chocolate fudge pudding pie from yesterday.  Just as yummy as I remember!

There may or may not have been a couple undocumented dark chocolate peanut M&M’s eaten this evening as well. 😮

I might do a little more reading, then it’s off to bed for this gal!  Have a great night!! :)


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