I Love Me My Paninis!

So BodyAttack was quite a challenge today!  I have asthma, so it’s usually very important for me to use my inhaler before starting any heavy cardio workout…and guess who forgot today?!?  UGHH!  There was at least 3 times where I was ready to quit and walk out, but I powered through and make it to the finish.  I know I wasn’t able to give 100%, but it’s certainly better than nothing!

Dinner tonight was YUMM-O!!  I needed to use some of our roast turkey from yesterday, and after Jay texted me today to tell me how delicious his sandwich was, I knew I had to have some for dinner!  So I picked up a couple sandwich rolls on my way home, and the paninis were well on their way.  Jay took care of putting together the salads while I assembled the grilled goodies.

I made my panini with turkey, a slice of reduced fat provolone cheese, spinach, & raspberry jam.  YES, raspberry jam!  Just a little smear, but it gives it just a little hint of sweetness that was perfect with the turkey.  If I had cranberry sauce, I probably would have used that, but I’m glad I had this instead.  So tasty! 😛

Mid-morning, my tummy started grumblin, and the only snack I could find in my bag was this Kellogg’s Special K bar.  It must have been in there a while, judging by the crunched up wrapper, and the way the bar was broken into about 5 pieces!

It was ok, nothing special.  But this mixed with a ton of water did help hold me over for the hour and a half I had left until lunchtime!

(FYI – I finally took the awful nail polish off of my nails tonight, so no more botched up manicure to look at! 😉 )

So tomorrow is only a 1/2 day of work for me in the morning, but only because I have a dentist appointment in the afternoon.  I highly dislike going to the dentist, so hopefully it’s just a one-trip deal! 😀  I plan on going to BodyPump later tomorrow afternoon (LOVE LOVE LOVE BodyPump!), so I’m hoping to have enough time to make a quick trip to Sephora.  I have some essentials I need to stock up on, so if I do make it, plan on seeing a review of some of the goodies I like to use!

The rest of tonight is going to be spent watching some Dancing with the Stars and relaxing with Jay on the couch.

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