Cody's Story

So I was looking through some pictures this afternoon of our kitten Cody, who made his debut the other night while noshing on our leftover turkey.  Here’s how our buddy Cody looks now.

He’s so cute!! 😀  Well, for those of you who don’t know Cody’s story…at the end of last August, Jay and I were talking in the kitchen one night when I heard a really little noise coming from outside.  At first I thought I was hearing things, but then I heard it again.  We both went out to our back porch not knowing what to expect, but we come to find a teeeeeeny tiny orange fur call, huddled in the corner of our deck behind a propane tank.  The poor thing was SO LITTLE and scared!  Well when we tried to get close to it, it ran away.  We were so worried, because with being so tiny, there was no way he’d be ok out in the woods all by himself!  But after a while of searching, he was nowhere in sight. :(

So a little later than evening, while sitting around a bonfire with some friends, I heard the sound again!  Then I spotted him behind our shed!  So we all “banned together” to get the fluff ball.  We had 8 of us walking around, in the trees, with flashlights and a can of tuna fish, “meow-ing” like it was our job!  I’m telling you, if anyone was watching from afar, they must have thought we were wacko!  Well, in the end, we ended up finding him, grabbing him, and kept him safe while he scarfed down the entire can of tuna fish.  That might not sound like much to you, but check out how little he was!

We brought the little guy to the vet the next day…the poor thing had all sort of problems and an infection on top of that, which is why his eyes were so puffy and swollen.  So we said we’d give it a week or so, to see if we heard anything about a missing cat, and tried to keep him healthy and happy.

And as you can see, he made himself right at home.

So when nothing was heard about a missing cat, we decided to make him ours and call him Cody!

He’s just so stinkin’ cute, isn’t he?? (Proud mama?  You betcha!) 😉

And even though the little fur ball has brought back my asthma (which I thought I had pretty much grown out of), I still love him just the same!  He certainly keeps things exciting around here!

Awww, we love Cody! 😀

So man, dinner seems pretty boring now after talking about all the cuteness above here.  It was leftovers tonight, since Jay and I are headed out to our LAST week of bowling tonight (thank god…NOT a good season!  And yes, I’m a bowler!) :)

I had some of the leftover shrimp and veggies from earlier in the week.  I didn’t have any extra pasta cooked, and was debating on throwing some in a pot, but then I smelled the toast that Jay was making for his leftover sandwich, and I decided toasty was on my radar.  So I toasted up a leftover whole wheat hot dog bun with a little butter on top.

It hit the spot!  The flavors of the veggies and sauce were even better after sitting for a few days.  I didn’t want to eat anything too big, because rumor has it that there’s usually a spread of food tonight at bowling and I will probably want to dig in with the rest of the guys!


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    Oh wow, Cody was so tiny when you found him! Our cats were only a few months old when we adopted them from the humane society but they were already full grown. I would have loved to see them as young kittens. Oh also, one of mine is orange too :)
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