Coffee Friday!

We’ve made it everyone!  Happy Friday!  So yesterday’s eats had a couple undocumented items that I forgot to mention.  I did end up having some snacks last night at bowling, because dinner left me pretty hungry a couple hours later!  One other snack was a DE-LISH piece of cake that one of my co-workers had brought into the faculty room at lunch.  I didn’t have my camera with me, but even if I did, I probably wouldn’t have whipped it out in front of all my co-workers!  But it looked pretty close to this.

It was sooooo good, I ate every last bite!

So I always look forward to Friday for many obvious reasons (Helloooo weekend!) but one of my favorites is Coffee Friday!  It’s kind of similar to Tina’s Cookie Friday. :)  I used to go out and buy coffee A LOT in the mornings because it was easy and convenient.  But it added up!  So now, I brew my own coffee throughout the week, and then treat myself to a lil Dunkin Donuts lovin on Friday.  Mmmmm! 😛  I’ll tell ya, it’s a good thing I don’t drive past a Starbucks on my way to work…otherwise we might have “Latte Mondays, Tuesdays…”! 😉

I was craving cereal this morning, so I went with it.

Today’s bowl is 1 cup of Quaker Oatmeal Squares with light vanilla soy milk & banana slices.  The oatmeal squares are a little calorie dense, so I always make sure to measure them out.  Otherwise, I’d end up with probably about 3-4 servings because the stuff is so good!  Luckily, this is one of the few cereals I can count on to stick with me, especially when I pair it with banana.

I’m off to get my coffee!  Then BodyPump again tonight (I’m still sore from Wednesday’s class!)

Question: Where do you get your favorite coffee from?  What is it?


  1. Heather says

    You know my favorite! And I’ll be having one tomorrow at our Sbux breakfast date :) But when there’s no Starbucks around for my skinny caramel macchiato, Dunkin’s french vanilla lite lattes hit the spot :)


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