Bundled Up

Where is this rain that we’re supposed to be getting?!?  It’s too COLD to go practice softball outside!  GRRRR!  Good thing I have my Under Armour cold gear to help keep me warm (even though I really don’t feel a difference with it…I’m just trying to psych myself out). We’re heading out the door in a few minutes, so I threw together a quick lunch with what I could find in our bare fridge (nope, haven’t made it to the grocery store yet today!)

Carrot & celery sticks with hummus, and yogurt with sliced strawberries and yogurt.

I just LOVE sliced strawberries and granola in yogurt!  It’s like dessert! 😛

Earlier I got in an easy 35 minutes on the treadmill while reading some of my book.  I interval walked switching up my speeds & inclines.  Although I didn’t pay full attention to how much time was at each since I was really getting into my book, I was pretty much alternating every 3 minutes with a 4.2 mph & 5.0 incline with a 3.7 mph & 10.0 incline.  It was easier than running, but still made me break a sweat and had my calves and glutes burnin! 😉

About 15 minutes after I finished with the treadmill, I had a handful of these babies.

I could really do without the walnuts and plain peanuts in the mix, but it’s still yummy just the same.

Mmmmm!  I like this mix because they’re not as super-salty as most mixed nuts are.

Ok, well the skies are getting bluer by the minute, so it looks like we’re off.  I wish I had my winter gloves & hat handy! 😉

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