Strawberry Angel Pie

Softball practice today was FREEEEZING!  Here I am, all bundled up, ready to hit the field.

Unfortunately, my fingers took the worst beating.  I wish I had had my camera out on the field to snap a photo of those puppies, because man, were they WHITE!  Really strange disease…how did I get so lucky? 😉

After practice, I finally made it grocery shopping, so now we’re all stocked up for the week.  AND amazingly enough, I actually have dinners planned for the ENTIRE week!  We’ll see how that goes! :)

After grocery shopping, we were invited over to Mom & Dad’s for another Sunday family meal.  A night off from cooking? OK! 😀  Plus it’s always so nice to go back home and spend time with the fam!  On the menu tonight…Mom’s Spaghetti Sauce!!!!

Growing up, pasta with homemade sauce and meatballs was a regular dinner staple for our family.  Probably once a week was the norm!  Since I’ve ventured out onto my own, and started making my own dinners, I’ve learned different alternatives to having a healthier pasta dish, such as using whole wheat pasta, taking into account portion control, & (my favorite) adding LOTS and LOTS of veggies!!  Well, at Mom & Dad’s…that’s not the case. 😉

This was one Carb-o-licious dish of pasta!  Just plain and simple, shells with homemade sauce and a homemade meatball.  My Mom’s sauce is THE BEST (not that I’m biased or anything??) 😉  And believe it or not, I’ve NEVER made a batch!  Hopefully that’s going to change soon…right Mom?!? 😀

And just in case I hadn’t already had enough carbs with my bowl of pasta and first piece of homemade Italian bread (oh yeah, that’s right!), I decided to go back for seconds on the bread and sauce.  It was just so delicious.

Mom also made one of our favorite spring/summertime desserts tonight, Strawberry Angel Pie.  It was a good pairing with the heavy dinner, since it’s such a nice, light dessert.

The best part: it’s super delicious, and good for you too!

Strawberry Angel Pie

-1 store-bought angel food cake

-1 box fat free-sugar free strawberry jello

-about 1/2 bag of frozen fresh sliced strawberries

-1 8oz. container Cool Whip (light or fat free)

Cut up angel food cake into chunks and place in a pie plate.  Mix jello and pour over cubed angel food cake until partially set.  Top with sliced strawberries & cool whip.  Chill for another hour or so before serving.  Cut like a regular pie and enjoy!

It was a nice end to a great dinner with family! :)

I’m off to bed…gonna try for the early morning run tomorrow!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!



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