Haven't I Seen This Before?

So lunch today was thrown together in about 2 minutes because I was SUPER late to get to work and didn’t think to make it last night.  Actually, I did think about making it last night, but couldn’t decide what I was in the mood for.  Nothing was sounding good…perhaps because of the massive amounts of frosting I ate?  Oops! 😉

Looks a little familiar, right?  Well, the veggies were startin’ to get a little “old” looking, so I wanted to finish those up quick.  Then yogurt was quick to grab out of the fridge, so I went with it.  Today’s flavor is plain Chobani, but mixed in with a little sugar-free strawberry preserves!

The preserves added the perfect amount of sweetness that I was craving, along with some fresh strawberries on top!

I plan on eating the Kashi crackers and orange a little later this afternoon. :)

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