Bridal Shower & Leftovers

This afternoon, my friends Mal & Meg joined me in heading to our friend Kate’s bridal shower.  You could tell that Kate was such a happy and excited Bride-to-Be! :)

Here’s me & Kate

Her mom and sister are SO crafty and creative!  Check out these super-cute favors we got!

Each favor had a small jar of honey from a local honey farm, and attached to it was an envelope with 3 different kinds of tea.  LOVED it! 😀

They also came up with these sheets of paper which I thought were such a clever way to have some special thoughts and memories documented for Kate.

I had a really fun time filling mine out…Kate and I have had some FUN times together!  Her hubby-to-be was the Best Man in our wedding, so the 4 of us tend to hang out quite a bit.  We’re buds! 😀

They had a delicious display of crackers and cheese with fruit…

And then, the DESSERTS! 😛

It was so hard to choose…I wanted to try ALL of them!  But I tried to really hard to keep my sweet tooth in check 😉

I started with a plate of some crackers, cheese and fruit.

Followed by these delicious treats!

The lemon bar was deliciously creamy, and the magic bar was out of this world.  I actually didn’t end up eating the cheesecake…I guess I just wasn’t really in the mood for it after the other 2.  But I did have a tiny bite of this cherry cobbler-esque dessert.  It was yummy :)

Kate got a lot of really nice gifts, and overall it was a really nice shower. :)

Here’s me with Kate, Mal, & Meg!

After the shower, Jay and I headed out so I could finally pick up a new pair of running shoes!  I’ve had the same ones since the end of last summer, and have recently really begun to feel their “maturity”!  I’ve been running in Asics and really like them, so I stuck with them again.  After researching a couple pairs, I ended up buying the Asics Gel-1140.  They have really good arch support, and soft cushioning throughout the sole of the shoe, which helps somebody like  me who always runs on the balls of her feet. (Must be the 18 years of dancing “on my toes”!) 😉

I’ve also been on the lookout for some better socks to run in (I’ve been running in some pretty ratty, thinned out ones), so I picked out these!

I already have a couple pairs of Under Armour socks and I really like them.  These have an embedded arch support and extra cushioning in the footbed.  I’m really excited to try out all my new goodies! 😀

So needless to say, since my snacks at the shower were nothing significant, after doing some shopping I was FAMISHED (and maybe a little grumpy…according to Jay).  I hate letting myself get to this point because I end up wanting to eat everything!  I was certainly not in the mood to wait around and cook something since I’d probably eat half of it before it was finished.  When I opened the fridge, I saw one of our leftover enchiladas from earlier in the week, so I grabbed that and ended up eating about 1/3 of it so fast, it didn’t even cross my mind to grab the camera.  We also had some leftover soup from this week too, so I heated that up in about 5 minutes.

Along with a hunk of bread & a lil butter 😉

Thank GOODNESS for leftovers!! 😀

I think the rest of the evening is going to consist of some relaxing and hopefully starting my new book that I bought last night!  It looks like Cody’s already enjoying HIS night…he has more bags to play in! 😉

Everyone enjoy the last of your weekend! :)


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