A Cereal Combo

I totally went to bed dreaming of cupcakes last night…and I definitely had 2 of them before the night was over 😀

So back on track for breakfast this morning!

Once I came out into the kitchen, I knew I wasn’t really in the mood (or had the time) to make oatmeal, so I decided I’d go the cereal route.  Then, I couldn’t decide which kind to have!  Sooo…why not do both! 😉

I had a good 1/2 cup of each, along with some light vanilla soy milk, and the other 1/2 of my banana from yesterday (which became quite ripe, and therefor, was not being too “camera-friendly”) :-0

Along with my mug-o-joe :) (Heyyy, look at that, you can see my new protein back there!)

Lunch today is “back to basics” for me! :)  I can’t help it, I just love this combo of foods throughout my afternoon!

A pomegranate flavored Chobani with some granola.

Carrots & Celery with hummus (freshly cut and sliced last night!) 😉

And some mixed fruit: strawberries, cantaloupe, and red grapes.

I’m also going to grab another snack to bring before I head to BodyAttack today after work!

Me, my mug-o-joe, and my “Creamsicle Cupcakes” are out the door!  I think I may just have some happy co-workers today :)


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    I just tried those Oatmeal Squares the other day and love them too! I try and eat my homemade granola for cereal every morning (b/c I know it’s better for me)…but I love a good boxed cereal anyday! My other fave is Cheerios:)

    Just found your blog – very cute!

    • says

      You make your own granola? That’s awesome! That’s one thing I’ve never attempted…but maybe I should? 😉 Cheerios are delish…I like the multi-grain ones!
      Thanks for reading!! :)

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