A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

I started out my Saturday bright and early with a 3.15 interval run.  I really had a tough time getting out of bed, but after 5 minutes I was ready to go and happy to have gotten my workout DONE for the day!

It is GORGEOUS out there today!  A perfect day for the 1st week of the Farmers Market outside! 8)

Fresh Organic Herbs

Homemade Bread - YUMM!


Holy Desserts!!

Cheesy Garlic Bread...Rumor Has It, It's Phenomenal!

More Fresh Bread!

This week, I ended up buying the two things that I knew I wanted to go back for from last week, (sugar-free apricot preserves to mix in my Greek yogurt, & a rose wine that I’ll be making some sangria with!) along with a new loaf of whole wheat bread.  Hopefully, Jay will enjoy this week’s selection and not leave it all for me to eat!  My friend Kate joined me today, since the boys decided to go golf 9 holes. :)

After hitting up the Farmers Market, Kate and I headed into downtown for breakfast at Spillin’ the Beans!

Spillin’ the Beans was super cute inside, with a menu to make your mouth water!  It was so hard to choose…eeek! :0

Check out the neat ceilings!  So old school and classic. :)

So cute and cozy!  I know I’m coming back! :)

Going between sweet and savory, I ended up going savory.  Weird, right?  Not usual Courtney fashion! 😉  I chose one of their omelet specials: roasted red peppers, spinach, mushrooms, & feta cheese.  Not to fear, in “normal Courtney fashion” I did make a couple changes, requesting no mushrooms and egg substitute.  Nothin’ too difficult! :)

My omelet was served with wheat toast & homefries (which I split with Kate).  HOLY YUM!  This stuff was SO GOOD!  The bread was so fresh, and all of the omelet ingredients complimented each other so nicely.  The amount of feta was a little much for me, since I’m not usually a huge cheese person, but the portion I ate was amazing!

I also ordered myself an iced coffee with breakfast too…AND, with NO splenda! YAY!  I’m getting there! 😀

Kate and I were just notified by the boys that they’re on their way back and a cookout is going to be taking place! YAY!  Looks like it’s gonna be a fun day! 8)

Tonight, Jay and I are headed out to dinner with his parents to celebrate his dad’s retirement!

What’s your favorite cookout food?? 😛

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