Feels Kinda Like Summer

This afternoon, the grill was rockin! 😉 I swear it was like a mid-summer day!

Jay is totally in his glory when he’s by his beloved grill!

My breakfast with Kate was really sticking with me, so I wasn’t all that hungry for anything right away.  BUT, I couldn’t let down the chef, so I did end up eating a hot dog a little later on.  I swear, it’s hiding under there!  What can I say, I like a little hotdog with my ketchup & potato rolls. 😉

We all (including Sarah who came over, YAY!) had a great time chatting, and enjoying the beautiful weather.  A couple fun beverages may have been consumed during the day as well. 😉

Tonight, Jay and I met up with his parents for a double celebration dinner – his father’s retirement, and our new “home-owner” status!  Now, who doesn’t love a celebration, right?!? 😀  We met up at The Barnsider, a local steak and seafood restaurant.  Jay and I used to come here pretty frequently in the earlier stages of dating (wayyy back in the day!) for our birthdays because they used to offer free dinner on your special day!  Now they only offer 50% off…booo!

Dinner started off with a glass of Chardonnay.  It was pretty tasty :)

One of my favorite parts of the Barnsider is their salad bar, which is included with all of their entrees.  Everything is always so fresh, and there’s a good variety of veggies to choose from too.

They also have fresh BREAD, which is always just the slightest bit warm…mmmm, SO good. 😛  Look at Jay hard at work cutting me some goods…

My eyes are almost always bigger than my belly when it comes to salad bars.  I ended up taking quite a good sized plate of veggies, but probably only ate about 2/3 of it…my appetite still wasn’t huge for some reason?

For my entree, I ended up ordering their Crab Stuffed Haddock with fresh steamed veggies.

This dish was REALLY good, but heavy too.  I was hoping that by going with the haddock, it would be a little lighter, but I guess I neglected to pay closer attention to the menu description (fresh haddock fillet topped with crabmeat stuffing, lightly seasoned bread crumbs, and hollandaise sauce).  Oops.  It was still delicious! 😀

When we used to come here more often, I would get the same dish every time, Old Fashioned Sliced Sirloin, which was garlic sirloin sliced on buttery garlic toast.  Here’s what it looks like, since Jay and his mom both got it.  LOOK at that mound of potatoes!  Enough to feed a small family, right?!?  We all got quite a laugh out of it :)

(Those funky lookin’ things on the side are actually sauteed leeks, which taste AMAZING on top of the sirloin!) Jay did let me try a bite of his…I’m not a huge red meat person anymore, but it was so buttery and tender! A+ 😀

Overall, today was a super fun-filled day with lots of good eats, good times, and good people.  Sounds like my kinda Saturday (or ANY day) 😀

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