Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nothin' Like Grillin

by Courtney on May 2, 2010

The rest of my Sunday ended up being pretty relaxing and enjoyable!  Mid-way through the day, I started to get a little antsy, feeling like I should get myself moving, but I wasn’t in the mood for just a regular run.  Sooo, I consulted my Shape magazine, and found a challenging, 30 minute workout – […]


Baby It's WARM Outside!

by Courtney on May 2, 2010

WOW, is it WARM today!  I was sweating while washing the dishes! Yikes!  But don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not complaining…I’ve been waiting for this stuff! Earlier today I went out and got my grocery shopping done for the week…LOVE when it’s done early in the day.  Then, as promised, I went and treated […]

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I've Got Sunshine

by Courtney on May 2, 2010

Good Morning!  It’s another beautiful morning today which had my spirits lifted the minute I woke up.  I love waking up to the birds chirping and the sun shining! 8) I got right up, went out to grab the paper, and got to work on breakfast and my usual Sunday morning routine.  For breakfast, I […]