Baby It's WARM Outside!

WOW, is it WARM today!  I was sweating while washing the dishes! Yikes!  But don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not complaining…I’ve been waiting for this stuff! 😉

Earlier today I went out and got my grocery shopping done for the week…LOVE when it’s done early in the day.  Then, as promised, I went and treated myself to a pedicure.  I had first picked out a really pretty, bright pink color, but last minute I changed my mind and went for funky! 😀

I HATE feet, so pay no attention to those ugly things…BUT, check out the jade green color! You like? :)

After my pedicure, I came home to do a little cleaning in the house.  I was hoping to get some sun outside, but sadly the clouds have begun rolling in (booo).  Doing all that cleaning made me work up a sweat and a bit of an appetite, and I knew exactly what I wanted…a nice COLD SMOOTHIE! 😛

I enjoyed this baby “al fresco” this afternoon while catching up on a little reading.  It was DELISH!  If you want to see the ingredients, check out this link: Scrumptious Strawberry Smoothie.  The only difference today was that I used almond milk instead of soy.  I just bought the almond milk today (coupon!) and I REALLY like it!  It’s so creamy and sweet! :)

Things got a little “wild ‘n crazy” in the blender today! 😉

The hubby still isn’t back from his football game, but I do know they won! :)  I think they’re out “celebrating” 😉  Lucky for me, since they won, that means he’ll be in a good mood, which means I have a better chance of convincing him to go get some soft serve with me later! 😀


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