Feelin' Toasty

Happy Monday Everyone! :)

Last night before going to bed, I set out all of my workout gear so I’d be ready to get movin this morning.  This is one very necessary step I have to take in order to workout in the morning – if things aren’t easy (since I have to get ready in the dark), then I’m not doin’ it! 😉  Being a Monday, I wasn’t quite sure how I’d feel upon waking, but surprisingly enough, I had ENERGY and was ready to move!  I did 35 minutes on the treadmill, alternating running 2 mins @ 7.0mph @ walking 1 min @ 4.5mph.  It was a little easier than my normal interval runs, but I was still a sweaty mess by the end. 😉

It’s still quite “toasty” in our house this morning, so I thought I’d continue the theme onto breakfast…

2 slices of my Farmers Market whole-wheat bread with some smears of Blizzard Butter & a small sliced banana.  It totally hit the spot…hopefully it sticks with me all morning!

I’ve also got my iced coffee with me this morning…with NO splenda! 😀  I added a little agave nectar to it, and it seems to pass the test so far! 😉

Stay tuned later this afternoon for the first day of a week full of fashion posts on how to spruce up your summer wardrobe! 😀

Have a Magnificent Monday! 😛

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