Leftovers "Pump Me Up"

Lunch today was pretty good, but I didn’t take any pictures to show you!  Sorry!  I was out with a few of my friends and co-workers and I don’t know if they even know much about my blog.  I was going back and forth…“should I, shouldn’t I?” but ultimately I decided not to since I didn’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable.  Have any other bloggers out there ever experienced this??

But fear not, I did my best to find a “stand in” photo, which pretty closely matches how my sandwich looked today 😉

I ordered a chicken & brie sandwich, which was served with spinach & tomato on a basil focaccia bread.  The sandwich had good flavor, but it was SO SLOPPY to eat!!  The brie melted all over the place, and I couldn’t even pick it up…I had to break out the fork and knife.  So it wasn’t super, but it was pretty good. :)

I’m on my way to a later BodyPump class in a few minutes, so I wanted to fuel up with something quick and easy, but not too filling.  My sandwich has actually stuck with me pretty well and I’m really not all that hungry.  But I know better than to go to “Pump” on an empty stomach.  I opened up the fridge, and remembered I had THIS!

Leftover Chilaquiles Casserole from our Cinco de Mayo fiesta! 😀  (Thanks Kate for letting me keep these!!!)

This stuff is so cheesy & scrumptious…YUMMM! 😛  I know I’ll have another mini-meal when I get home…maybe some Chobani & fruit?

Ok, I’m off to get “Pumped Up”! 😀

Have you ever felt “weird” about blogging while out with other people, like co-workers or friends??


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    I’m always worried about freaking out company by obsessively taking pictures of every dish, centerpiece, drink, etc. Eventually people realize that you are a lost cause and they let you do the weird blogger thing without sending too many strange looks your way :)

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