My Very First OIAJ!

Just as a quick update, last night after BodyPump, I ended up coming home with a craving for cereal, so I finished off my box of Kashi Vive (a little less than a cup worth) with some almond milk (totally LOVING this stuff) & berries.  This stuff is SO YUMMY!  It totally hit the spot!

I also may or may not have had a few bites of leftover Margarita Cake. 😛

This morning was a very joyous occasion for breakfast…I had my first opportunity for OIAJ!!! (Oats in a Jar) 😀

My beloved Blizzard Butter was on it’s last leg, so it was time to fill ‘er up with some good ‘ol oatmeal 😉

In the oatmeal mix today was:

-1/3 cup oats

-1/3 cup Silk Pure Vanilla Almond Milk

-1/3 cup water

-1 small smashed banana


-Cinnamon & Nutmeg

It may not look pretty, but it sure tastes heavenly! 😛  The aroma of peanut butter in front of me right now is unbelievable…YUMM-O!

I’m off to the second day of my conference today…HAPPY FRIDAY! 😀

Don’t forget, today is the first day of Starbucks Happy Hour!  You know where I’ll be later today! 😉


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