Kate’s Bachelorette Party

Sooo, I didn’t end up making it to my usual BodyPump class this morning…we’ll just say I’m feeling a little “dehydrated”.  But nonetheless, Kate’s bachelorette party last night was a bunch of fun! 😛

We started off our festivities at a local Mexican restaurant called El Mariachi.  In all my years living in this area, I’d never been here, so I was super psyched to try it!  El Mariachi serves traditional Mexican and Spanish cuisine, using recipes that have been handed down through generations.  The menu typifies foods from the owners’ hometown and other Mexican states.  They have a very extensive menu, as well as over 80 selections of tequila (eeek…), house-made sangria, and special house flavor margaritas.

We started off in true, celebratory Mexican style, with their Chambord Margarita. It was delish. 😛

Once we got to our table, we were greeted immediately with some fresh, warm, homemade tortilla chips with tomatillo salsa.  Thank goodness these babies were there because I was STARVING at this point.  I couldn’t keep my hand out of the basket!

For my entree, I decided on their Vegetarian Burrito, which was described on the menu as “fresh grilled vegetables wrapped in a flour tortilla with sour cream, anejo cheese, and your choice of red or green sauce”.  I went with the green sauce, and omitted the sour cream, and was served this GIANT!

I was really only able to pinpoint about 3 veggies in the wrap (broccoli, carrots, & green beans) which I was a little disappointed with.  But even still, they all tasted fabulous, and the rice & beans combo was AMAZING!  Some bites of this were makin’ mi boca en el fuego!! Along with dinner, a couple pitchers of margaritas were also ordered and consumed. 😛

After dinner, we made our way to a couple different bars and helped the bride-to-be celebrate!

Here’s the bride-to-be, Kate, Meg, & Me. 😀  I got so excited when I saw Kate’s crown because it was the same one that I had for my bachelorette party!  Ahhh memories… 😀

Kate with her sister, and Maid of Honor, Christine (which is actually quite funny because I graduated high school with Christine!  Small world sometimes, isn’t it?) :)

Me & Kate!!

It was a super fun night!  CONGRATS KATE!!! 😀

Today, Jay and I are spending the day with our Moms. :)  We’re starting off with brunch with his parents at Spillin’ the Beans, which I featured last week.  I don’t know, I’m kinda craving a belgian waffle this morning…hmmm??  Then after brunch, we’ll be headed to my parents house for a cookout.  So needless to say, it looks like it’s going to be a day full of eats!


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