Sweet Treats Galore!

This afternoon, Jay and I met up with his parents for a nice brunch at Spillin’ the Beans.  I visited here last weekend with my friend Kate for breakfast, and loved what I had, so I was more than willing to go back today!  I started off breakfast with a mug ‘o joe.

I totally loved the mug that I got today!  It did an awesome job keeping the coffee warm for what seemed like normal than usual. (I think it would also make a fun oatmeal bowl!) 😉

For breakfast, I decided to go with my initial cravings from this morning and went ahead and ordered the Belgian Waffle!  I very rarely will order waffles when I’m out…partly because they don’t stick with me as well as eggs, and partly because I know I’m getting a more “well-rounded” meal when I get an omelet or eggs with toast.  Well, today, I didn’t care and I was craving sweet over savory. 😛

This baby was AWESOME!!  It was perfectly cooked (not too brown), and pretty much melted in my mouth.  The perfect amount of fluff on the inside, with a nice crisp texture on the outside.  This waffle had no chance with me…I dominated the entire thing! 😉  Jay had ordered a western omelet which he let me try a bite of, and that was just as delicious.  It was Jay’s first time eating here, so it looks like we’ll be heading back again soon.  All 4 of us left pleasantly stuffed and happy! :)

After breakfast, Jay and I made a pit stop at one of my favorite childhood bakeries, Bella Napoli.  Bella Napoli is a family bakery which has been around for over 40 years.  They are a classic, Italian American bakery, serving up cakes, cookies, breads, doughnuts, and Italian pastries.  Just look at some of these display cases!

My memories of Bella Napoli go way back to when I was a little girl, and would spend my weekends sleeping over at Grandma & Grandpa’s house.  Every morning, Grandpa would get up to “go and get the doughnuts”!  Sometimes, we’d still be sleeping and they’d be on the kitchen table to greet us in morning.  Grandma & Grandpa would both be sitting with their steaming cups of coffee, each with a plain cake doughnut (which at the time, I thought how boring?!?)  It’s funny really, how sometimes the smell of coffee and doughnuts still brings me back to those moments.

Other mornings, my brother and I would already be awake, eagerly waiting to hear the car pull back up in the driveway from, as my brother called it, “the bakery with the green hill”. (Their sign has a big green mountain on it!) Plain Glazed & Boston Cream were our two favorites, and we’d all sit at the table eating, Grandpa doing his crossword, Grandma doing a word search, and Dan and I watching cartoons on the mini kitchen table tv…

Wow, trip down memory Today! :)  Sometimes it’s so nice to just sit and reminisce about the past, isn’t it?

We decided to get an assorted box of some of their delicious cookies to bring to my parent’s house today.  Both of my parents are huge fans of their Italian cookies, and my dad has the ability to consume endless amounts of their delicious Fudge Fancy cookies.  They are SO GOOD.  The chocolate frosting they put on top is like nothing else I’ve ever had.  After scanning the display case, Jay and I both knew we couldn’t leave without having something for the road…

So we each treated ourselves to a “mini” fudge fancy.  Out of this world!! 😀

As I was typing up this post, my own “little boy” came to spend some time with his Mommy! 😉

"Happy Mother's Day, Mom!"

"Yeah Mom, that's right...I'm cute and we both know it!"

Now we’re on our way over to Mom & Dad’s for celebration #2!  Hope everyone is having a Wonderful Mother’s Day!


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