Rain, Rain, Go Away

Good News!  We won our softball game last night AND I made it back with all 10 fingers and all 10 toes. 😉  It was not a pretty sight, but they eventually all warmed back up and came back to their normal color soon after blasting the heat in my car!  Seriously mother nature, it’s May!  Where’s my spring weather?!?

I’ve been pretty chilly all morning, so I knew I needed something warm and comforting for breakfast.  Any guesses?!?

Today was my usual bowl of oats, but with a little more nutmeg than I normally add.  The verdict?  DELICIOUS! 😀  I think I’m going to get a little “heavy handed” with this stuff from now on.  It paired perfectly with my Maple Peanut Butter!

Mmmm, gooey MPB! 😛

It was so hard getting out of bed this morning!  The room was dark, my bed was so warm and cozy, and I could hear the rain pitter-pattering outside on the roof.  Boy I’ll tell ya, there’s nothing like being able to just lay in bed in the morning and listening to the rain! :)

What are your favorite rainy day activities??

I like to lay in bed for as long as possible! Then I’ll get up and cuddle on the couch with a big blanket, my hubby, Cody, and a good movie.  If it’s cold enough, a mug of hot chocolate is the perfect addition :)


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