My attempt at a workout this morning was a bust.  I had the alarm set, and ended up snoozing for almost an hour!  My bed was so warm and cozy, I was just not ready to leave it. 😉  Plus, before going to bed, I will usually have a plan set for what my workout is going to be, and last night I was up in the air with what to do.  Oh well, I must have needed the extra sleep because I was feelin’ a little slloowwww after finally getting up.

I was also feelin’ a little green this morning…

For a Green Monster that is! 😉

Today’s glass looked like this:

-1 frozen banana

-5 frozen strawberries

-1 scoop chocolate whey protein powder

-1/2 cup almond milk

-splash H20

-3-4ish cups spinach

I think there’s something wrong with my blender!  It took me four rounds of the “frozen drinks and shakes” button for this thing to finally come together.  That shouldn’t happen, right?!? GRRR!

Despite my “blender blunders”, this glass was DEElish! 😀  Nice and creamy, perfect consistency, like chocolate strawberries…YUM!

On the side, I also had one of my Apple Cinnamon Raisin Bran muffins.

Smeared with a little butter :)

These muffins are tasty!!  I’m glad that I added in the apples and raisins though, because otherwise they might be a little too plain for me.  I may need to grab another one in case hunger strikes mid-morning. 😉

I want to try a new Green Monster combo!  Does anyone have one that they really like??

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