Fashion Friday

Last night before heading to bed, I gave Tina’s “Move Before You Snooze” Challenge a try.  I printed out my free calendar, got my “stopwatch ready”, and got to work!

I made a couple of adjustments to the challenge to make it more suitable for me. :)

Courtney’s Move Before You Snooze Challenge

I’m going to try to do this every night before I head to bed – it’s only 10 minutes, but it was “gettin’ hot in here“! 😉  Let me tell ya, tricep dips are not meant to be done for 2 mins!  I don’t care what you say!  I needed to take about 4 breaks in order to make it through my 2 minutes.  YIKES!  Hopefully my little motivator in the corner there will keep me on track – I’m going to post it right next to my bed!  Thanks for the great idea, Tina 😀

This morning’s breakfast was quick and easy, since I’m (again) running a little late.  I started out with 1/2 of an Apple Cinnamon Raisin Bran muffin spread with a smear of PB

And a honey flavored Chobani topped with some granola, golden raisins, & the other 1/2 of my muffin :) (I also have a banana with me for mid-morning, since this breakfast was a little lighter)

This was my first time trying the honey flavor, and I liked it!  It’s much sweeter than I’m used to with eating the plain, but it was perfect for today’s mix.  I think I’ll be getting it again :)

I didn’t sleep very well last night because my allergies and my asthma are acting up :roll:  I ran out of my allergy medicine 2 days ago and was too lazy to go get more…so you can guess where I’ll be headed after work today!  Since the sleeping thing didn’t work out so well for me last night, I may just be due for a little extra coffee today…it is Coffee Friday by the way! :mrgreen:

Stay tuned this afternoon for my first “Fashion Friday” post! 😀  Every Friday afternoon, I’ll post something related to fashion – and since I just had my trip to Forever 21 last night, I’ll give you guys a sneak peek at my goodies!  I’d love to get some ideas on topics for future “Fashion Fridays”, so if you have an idea, let me know!  HAPPY FRIDAY! :)

What would you like to see on a Fashion Friday post??


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    Found your blog through Julies at peanutbutter fingers!!! I have to say I love your blog and I love that you love forever 21 as well!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait to see what you got! I need a whole day when I go there, it is exhausting! Sometimes I just order online, because the store can be crazy with stuff everywhere!!!!

    Love the honey chobani!!!

    Happy Friday!!!


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