It's Okay to Splurge Every Now & Then

Today on my way to Jay’s football game, I picked up a tasty iced beverage to enjoy on the sidelines 😎

The boys won their game too! 😀


So I was STARVING by the time I got home from the game!  I realized mid-way through that I definitely should have had something else along with my PB & banana sandwich thin, especially after a Pump class!  But I quickly raided the fridge and came out with this mix of goodies. 😛

More leftover veggie quesadillas (I still have another whole wedge left!)

A plain Chobani yogurt, topped with a dollop of strawberry preserves.

And some fresh strawberries, which I ended up mixing into my yogurt :)

All enjoyed outside 😎  Boy, I’ll tell ya, I can really get used to this dining “al fresco” stuff! 😀


After spending the afternoon catching up on some magazines and some other “odds & ends” around the house, dinner quickly snuck up on us.  Neither of us were really in the mood for typical “dinner food”, so we decided to get the only other reasonable option, from a certain place that rhymes with…”slow fan”… 😉

😀 Ice Cream from The Snowman!!!:-D

Oh yes, that’s right.  We went all out with some amazing Flurries!  Vanilla soft serve mixed with caramel, oreos and cookie dough…

Was it “good” for me?  Absolutely not.  But do I care?  Not really!! :)

It’s fun to splurge every once in a while with a fun, decadent “dinner”!  Like I always say, it’s all about a healthy balance.  Now, I wouldn’t recommend going and having dinners like these very often, but for once in a while, it’s fun to treat yourself.  I took into account the rest of my day’s eats and I figured, why not? :)  As you can see, I had no problem finishing every last bite!

Now 6  months ago if I had gone and had this for dinner, I would have been beating myself up for it all week.  I wouldn’t allow myself to splurge very often, and when I did, it was barely worth it because of the way I would feel afterward.  But I’ve made such progress since then, and can honestly say I enjoyed this entire thing with ZERO guilt!  It was delicious, it satisfied me, and I’m a happy camper. 😀  So come tomorrow morning, it will be right back on the “healthy track”!

After dinner, I took care of my normal Sunday evening routine, getting different veggies & fruits cut up for the week.  We’re nicely stocked with some fresh goodies to “grab ‘n go”!  It’s so nice to have them all ready ahead of time.

I’m going to try to make it an early night to bed tonight!  BUT, before I go…

What are your favorite “fun”, “splurge” dinners?

Mine is definitely ice cream…obviously 😉


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    First off, you are gorgeous! I saw some of your wedding pictures and I love them. I married my high school sweetheart too so I can relate that there is nothing better :) This is my first time at your blog and I am loving it! You are a girl after my own heart. I love sweets and especially love baking them myself! I tried the whole “give up sweets and only eat healthy” lifestyle and it made me miserable. I found myself wanting sweets everyday and all day and that was not normal. Now I allow myself treats whenever I want, but because there is no restriction, I find myself not wanting them in an abnormal way. I really look forward to reading more from you!

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      Jennifer, it sounds like we certainly have a lot in common! 😀 So glad you found me, and happy to have you reading. Maybe we’ll be able to give each other some yummy sweet treat ideas. 😉

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    I love breakfast foods for dinner! My mom would make
    waffles or whatnot for me when I was young, and my
    fiance and the family have breakfast for dinner
    sometimes too, but it’s been a while!

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