Wedding Memories

Tonight, Jay and I headed over to his parent’s house for dinner.  A home-cooked meal made by someone other than me?  You betcha! 😉

Look at the pretty table decor.  My mother-in-law, Rosemary, always does such a nice job with the presentation :)

Aren’t those flowers gorgeous?!?  She actually got these rhododendrons from her backyard!

On the menu tonight was a yummy roast turkey

And some mashed potatoes…well, we tried our best to salvage what we could of them!  They ended up getting a little over-cooked while boiling, which made them very watery.  Since Rosemary isn’t used to making the spuds from scratch ( 😉 ) I did what I could to help out.  They still ended up a little on the “thin” side, but the flavor turned out pretty yummy!  Hey, if nothing else, the leftovers will make a great batch of potato pancakes, right? 😀

I helped myself to a small serving of turkey, some mashies, & asparagus.

On the side, we also had some fresh, delicious salads.  Why is it that salad always tastes better when someone else makes it?!? 😉  I drizzled mine with a little balsamic vinegar. YUMM! 😛

After dinner, we all ended up watching our Wedding Video!!  It had been a while since I watched it last (a couple weeks) so apparently I was no longer desensitized to the whole thing.  Yup, the tears were a-flowin!  Umm, I mean…uhh…those darn allergies were kickin’ in again… 😉

I LOVE watching our video – I swear I think I could watch it every day.  I’m so glad that we ended up making the decision to have a videographer at our wedding.  I’ve heard many people who decided not to get one, say that they wish they had in the end.  It just captured so many memories that a photograph just can’t hold.  The first time we watched it, I was amazed at how much I actually didn’t even remember from that day.  It goes by SO.FAST.  Personally, I think if you’re getting married, and you have the room in your budget, you should go for it!

If you’re married, did you have a videographer at your wedding?  If you’re planning a wedding, have you decided whether or not to have a videographer?

We ended up checking out a bunch of different ones, but we were so happy with who we chose to go with, Videocraft.  They did a wonderful job, were very easy to work with, and were completely professional with their work!

I’m EXHAUSTED…off to bed!  Goodnight! 😀


  1. peanutbutterfingers says

    we’re not having a videographer (due to budget constraints) but are hoping to have someone record our ceremony & the speeches at the reception for us!

  2. Joelle says

    Court, I completely agree about the videographer! As you know, I am getting married in October and we will have one. However, to save costs we asked someone that my fiance works with who does it on the side. He will be there all day and edit a video for us. Thankfully, it is much more affordable for us!

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