Craving Fulfilled

I feel like this morning has been a complete whirlwind, yikes!  I woke up this morning, again, with some killer sinus pain (thank you, allergies).  Luckily, I was able to at least get some better sleep and didn’t have my runny nose keeping me up all night.  But Jay told me that I should try to leave the house early to go and pick up some sinus headache meds.  I hate taking extra medicine if I don’t have to, but for today, it was needed.

I wanted to make sure I had time to go to the store, but I didn’t want to rush through breakfast at home, so I decided to bring it with me to work and make it here! :)

I had been craving this breakfast since seeing it yesterday not only on Julie’s blog, but then again on Tina’s AND Kath’s.  I swear they were all trying to tease me! 😉

I had a toasted whole wheat bagel with maple peanut butter & sliced banana.  It was pure heaven 😀

While eating it, I suddenly realized (duh) that our school is actually a “nut free” zone, so we’re not supposed to have any sort of nut products inside.  OOPS!  😳  After I finished, I quickly brought my garbage out to the trash & put the PB back in the car…

I actually try to keep my bagel intake low a lot of the time because most of them are so high in calories (yes, and carbs too, but I love carbs so I don’t reallyworry about those) 😉  I’ve really gotta get my hands on some of those Alternative Bagels I’ve been seeing!  I’ve heard such great reviews on them,  but I can’t seem to find any in the stores around me? :(  I have been trying to avoid ordering them online, only because I’ll probably end up paying more for shipping than the actual bagels themselves.  I don’t know though, I can feel myself caving a little more now after eating today’s bagel….

Ok now, keeping my fingers crossed that this sinus headache stuff will kick in soon! 😕


  1. says

    Ah! Bagels! My arch nemesis! Ha! Not really — but I seriously can’t eat them because of blood sugar issues! I’ll eat one and then 30 minutes later, I’m starving! I definitely need to look into the Alternative Bagels, since I kind of miss them!

  2. says

    I suffer from major sinus pain and it’s a b*tch. Im like you though and sort of hate taking medicine–I usually try to tough it out and hope it goes away and then take it when it just won’t. Do you use a neti pot? that can help with sinus pressure.

  3. says

    Oh I hope you feel better! Sinus headaches are awful!

    But on a happier note- your breakfast looks deeelicious! I love how chewy bagels are, and anything topped with peanut butter and banana is surely tasty. I have been seeing this concoction on a few blogs too and have a major craving now!

    I hope you have a lovely day!

  4. Patrice says

    When I have the bagel craving….I eat the Weight Watchers bagels. They are really good and high in fiber, so it keeps them overall better for you than a regular bagel. I don’t know if you know anything about Weight Watchers, but they are only 2 points. WW also makes cream cheese that is only 1 point and also really good.

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