Cereal Combo + A Side of Excitement

Can I tell you guys just how psyched I am this morning….

I got my ticket for the Healthy Living Summit!! 😀  Looks like I’ll be headin’ to Chicago this August and I can’t WAIT.  I read alllll about it last year, and was so envious of everyone who was able to attend.  At that point, the thought to go myself, or even start my own blog hadn’t even crossed my mind.  NOW look where I am! 😀  It’s such an awesome opportunity…PLUS, I’ve never been to Chicago, so it’s a win-win deal! 😉

This morning’s breakfast was quick and easy since I have to try to get outta here a little early this morning…

I made myself a yummy cereal combo bowl w/ Kashi Go Lean & Quaker Oatmeal Squares, topped with 1/2 a sliced banana and Silk Pure Vanilla Almond Milk. I seriously love love love cereal…now hopefully it will keep me satisfied for a little while.  I’m bringing a Clif Z Bar with me…just in case. 😉  It was the LAST one!  Eeek!  Looks like another trip to Sam’s Club is in order soon.

I’m only working a 1/2 day in the classroom today because I have another meeting with my mentor.  I always love these meetings, because it means we get to head out somewhere yummy for lunch and get more than 15 minutes to eat it! :)  I think we’re headin’ back to the same place we went for our last meeting, so I’m obviously super excited about a nice BIG salad today. 😛

What are your favorite “mix-ins” to a salad?!?



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    I’ve been reading food/fitness blogs almost right after the HLS last year, when I stumbled upon a few blogs. I almost wanted to go, but then I don’t comment a lot on people’s blogs and I also don’t talk about food/fitness much either on my site.

    I’d show up and people would be all “Who are you?” lol.

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    I love nuts, fruit, and cheeses in my salads with a nice vinaigrette.

    Jealous you get to go to the Healthy Living Summit!

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    So so so jealous! I will be in Punta Cana during the HLS. Though of all the things to not be able to go because, I’m glad it’s Punta Cana.

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