Tailgating on the Brain

Today’s lunch couldn’t have come soon enough!  I don’t know if it was the run from this morning or what, but I was so hungry by the time I was finally able to have lunch.  I’m so glad I packed what I did today too, because it is HOT in here, and a nice cold, creamy yogurt was exactly what I was craving. 😛

Looks a little similar to the Monday Usual, huh? 😉  Things started off with some fresh bell peppers & carrot sticks with some hummus that was feeling a little camera shy.

Then the berries made their debut…I could eat strawberries + blueberries at every meal, no doubt about it.

I mixed these lovelies with some a honey flavored Chobani. YUM, YUM, YUM!!

And some great granola :)

I also packed myself some Kashi crackers, which I forgot to snap a photo of, along with 1/2 of an Arnold’s sandwich thin topped with some Maple PB & raisins.  I’ll end up having this before I head over to BodyPump this afternoon. :)

Forget “ants on a log”…it’s more like “ants in a puddle” 😉

Tonight, Jay & I have a softball game which I’m really looking forward to!  Even though it’s a later game, I’m sure we’ll still “tailgate” after since it’s a Friday. 

I love tailgating.  I love doing it when we go to Jets games & Mets games.  But most of all, I love tailgating at our own softball games.  Growing up, my Dad always played softball with a great group of guys, and after every game, we would have what I called a “picnic” (aka, tailgating).  The men would drink their Budweisers, their Heinekens, and their Coors Lights.  I actually was so well trained, I became the “drink girl” who was in charge of everyone’s refills since I knew what everyone drank.  I LOVED it! 

Fast forward 10 years later, and now I’M a part of the team.  Unofortunately, we haven’t found any “drink girl” to take my place…but we do have one in training 😉 

But really, my favorite part of being a member of this team (besides the fact I get to play with family & friends), is that we’re all close enough to enjoy each other’s company beyond the game.  Once it’s over, we will hang out for hours.  Having some drinks, grilling out (oh yes…we have a portable grill!  Don’t worry, you’ll be seeing it soon!) and just having a good time.

Yeah, I think “tonight’s gonna be a good night” 😉

Do you play on any sports teams now?   Is your team close?


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    I played softball and volleyball and high school and now I play both sports recreationally but neither teams have started yet. I can’t wait until they start in a week or so!

    G/L on your game!!

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    Ahhh tailgating!!! I miss it so much. We used to go to UCLA football games SO early and just wreak havoc beforehand. I really miss that! I hope to join a kickball team or something funny like that when I move back to the States, to meet people and have some fun :)

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