On The Go, Go, Go!

Yikes!  Sorry guys, between last night and this morning, I have been on the GO!  So let me give you a quick recap before I run out the door again…

I didn’t end up taking my BodyPump class yesterday after work as planned.  I ended up getting this wicked stomach ache that was putting me through a loop, so I decided to come home and rest.  It still wasn’t fully back to normal until this morning, so I don’t know what the deal was?  I didn’t eat anything different than normal?

Oh well…what matters is I’m 100% today, right? 😀

Before our softball game, I made a quick dinner but it was super delish!  I mixed together a can of tuna fish w/ about 1 tbsp. light mayo, diced carrots, onions, peppers, and pickles, about 3 tbsp. dried cranberries, some S&P, and then the secret ingredient…cinnamon!

I decided last minute that I wanted to try to give it a little unique “pizazz”, and it certainly did the trick.  I LOVE cinnamon, so I probably will not make tuna fish again without it 😉  If you’re not in love as much as I am, maybe just test out a little sprinkle on a bite next time…ya never know! :)

I put my tuna salad on top of a tiny bed of spinach, and sandwiched it all between a lightly toasted, whole wheat Arnold’s Sandwich Thin.

On the side, I also had some of these Sweet Potato Food Should Taste Good chips.  I LOVE these chips, but usually don’t keep them in the house because I have a hard time controlling my portions around these babies!

I REALLY wish I could find the Cinnamon flavored ones, but I am having no luck. :(  Hopefully they’ll show up around here soon!  Dinner was enjoyed on my pretty new plate 😀

Unfortunately, we lost our softball game last night, but we still had a ton of fun!  We did a little “tailgating” afterward, which is exactly what I was looking forward to, so it was a fun night.  While we were tailgating, I ended up having a blueberry beer from the Blue Point Brewing Co. which I LOVE 😛  Here’s a picture of me & Dad from the game last night…Love Ya Big Guy! 😉

Now, THIS MORNING, I got up nice and early to squeeze in a workout.  I debated on skipping, but I knew that today had the potential to be a big day of eats, so I knew I’d feel better if I did something.  Since I didn’t make it to BodyPump yesterday, I decided to incorporate a little lifting this morning, so I ended up doing this 30 minute workout, which I tried a few weeks back.  It totally kicked my butt again this morning…loved it! 😉

We were QUICKLY out the door after my workout, because today we were helping Sarah & Jeff move into their NEW HOUSE!!  We’re SO excited for them. 😀

Before we left, I threw together a super fast Green Monster.  I didn’t even measure things today guys, sorry!  But it was more on the “mini” side of things.  It tasted cool, creamy, and delish though!

In my NEW smoothie cup, too!

Sarah & Jeff were so sweet, they picked us up some iced coffees and bagels to thank us for helping them out this morning (like we ever would have said NO…we LOVE these 2!)  I ended up having a 1/2 of a plain cinnamon raisin bagel in between my cleaning.

Now I am rushing like mad to get ready and head back out the door to my parents house.  We’re having an 85th Birthday party for Grandma today! 😀  So I’ll be back later with a recap of the rest of the day…which I know is going to include LOTS of yummy eats!  Hopefully I can control myself today…eeek! 😉

How do you handle eating when you’re at picnics/potlucks with LOTS food to choose from all day long?


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