Happy 85th Gram!

WOW, yesterday was such a long, BUSY day!  Sorry for not getting back last night to post…by the time we got home, I was pooped.
Grandma’s birthday party yesterday was lots of fun!  It was so nice to see family that we don’t usually see, as well as some favorite friends that we always see :)

Here’s the birthday girl with her cake!  Happy 85th Grandma!!! 😀

The day was filled with lots of yummy eats, thanks to Mom working HARD in the kitchen.  She’s always been such an amazing cook…just take a look at all of these yummy eats she did by herself!

I munched on quite a few of these throughout the day.

Mom’s homemade lasagna & baked ziti with her homemade sauce & meatballs…my FAVORITE! 😀

Homemade garbage bread (or as many others refer to it…”stromboli” – personally, I think “garbage bread” is more fun to say) 😉

Mom can’t take credit for the pasta salad though…I did that one! 😉

Mom really put out quite the spread! 😀

**MY FAMILY** 😀 Dad, Dan, Grandma, Mom, & Me

Here’s my plate of yummy goods.

And THEN there were the sweet treats…

My brother’s girlfriend’s mom made these little cups of heaven…

I had 2 of these…but definitely could have eaten the whole platter!

I also had a piece of cake, but it didn’t even cross my mind to snap a photo?!? Oops! 😳  It was a delicious vanilla & chocolate layer cake with strawberry fruit filling…YUMM! 😛

The “young crowd” had fun hanging out outside all day.  These should be some familiar faces…our friends Joe & Kate, my brother Dan & his girlfriend Meg, & me + hubby 😀

I thought it would be nice to get a picture of Jay & I since we actually haven’t gotten one in quite some time.  I thought I’d fill you in on the sequence it took to actually get a photo…

FINALLY got it! 😀  We’re such goofballs, aren’t we? 😉  It was a such a nice day, and while I definitely know I consumed more than a normal day, I felt like I did pretty good with my self-control and left the party feeling satisfied, not stuffed. YAY!

I’m off to an early BodyPump class this morning (finally, since I missed BOTH of them this week).  Hope you’re all having a great weekend so far!!!


  1. Heather says

    Aww! Happy Birthday to your Grandma!! She’s such a sweetheart :) Nice pics of you and Jay btw :) Mike always tries to mess up pictures of us by making funny faces, haha.

  2. says

    Hi Courtney. Looks like you guys had such a wonderful spread! Happy belated birthday to your granny!

    And bodypump’s one of my favourite classes too- it has been ages since I’ve last been for one though!


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