Replenishing The Veggies

I was so excited for today’s lunch.  It’s FULL of all delicious, (and one cruciferous) veggies, which is a good thing since my veggie intake was a little low this weekend. 😉

I mixed some romaine & spinach, and topped it off with some cukes, carrots, grape tomatoes, green peppers, broccoli, and strawberries.  I LOVE putting fruit in my salads, especially strawberries.  It adds a fabulous little dose of “sweet” :)  For a dressing, I mixed together a little balsamic vinegar, EVOO, & some parmesan seasoning blend, which was DEEElish.  I didn’t measure anything out, but I’d say the balsamic to EVOO ratio was about 5:1?

I also have the rest of my homemade croutons to add.  Looks like I’ll have to be makin’ another batch of these babies!  They were AWESOME. :)

I had thrown together a mini PB sandwich on 1/2 an Arnold Sandwich thin for a little extra protein, but I left it at home! GRR!!! 😳  Hopefully the fiber from all my veggies will help stick with me for a while.

I also packed up some leftover fruit salad from Saturday’s party, which I’m sure I’ll have a little later this afternoon.

LOVE all the COLORS! 😀

Tonight, Jay and I are headed out for a special celebration dinner! (I’ll fill you guys in on the details later) 😉  Unfortunately, our original restaurant fell through, so now we’re still trying to decide where to go…UGHH!  There’s too many choices…

Do you have a favorite go-to restaurant or type of cuisine when eating out for special occasions? (*For the locals – anywhere you’d recommend??*) 😀


Don’t forget about my “Ask Me Anything” from this morning! 😀


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    I love fruit in my salads too. The extra texture and sweetness is a perfect addition. I can’t wait to replenish veggies for myself. I’ve hit the ick stage of pregnancy where the only food that sounds good are salty carbs. It will last a little while longer and then I plan on diving head first into a big salad!

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    I love pub fare & atmosphere!


    What is one of your favorite “guilty pleasure” foods?
    What is one of your favorite magazines?
    When are you coming back to Burlington? haha jk, but seriously if you do I will show you around!

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