Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Standard

by Courtney on May 26, 2010

Tonight was a girl’s night with my friend Gabby! (Here we are a couple years ago celebrating at our friend Wendy’s baby shower – Gabby is in the black shirt) I met Gabby almost 2 years ago when I worked briefly for Albany Medical Center.  (By briefly, I mean 3 months…).  Even though I was […]


No Granola??

by Courtney on May 26, 2010

“I’m Feelin’ HOT, HOT, HOT…” Holy Moly!  Where did this heat come from?  They’re saying it’s supposed to be 95 here today…definitely a scorcher! I knew it was going to be sweltering here at work, so I packed myself a “heat-friendly” lunch. A cool & creamy honey flavored Chobani. Some fresh, crisp blueberries & strawberries. A […]


Sleepin' In

by Courtney on May 26, 2010

Happy Hump Day Everyone! So I had originally planned, when going to bed last night, that I was going to get up for a little treadmill session.  Well, once I woke up and realized it was still about 90 degrees in here, and was still feeling pretty sleepy, I decided to skip and take the […]