Sleepin' In

Happy Hump Day Everyone! :)

So I had originally planned, when going to bed last night, that I was going to get up for a little treadmill session.  Well, once I woke up and realized it was still about 90 degrees in here, and was still feeling pretty sleepy, I decided to skip and take the morning off.  Normally I feel guilty when I skip out if I planned ahead of time, but I think my body was trying to tell me to just take it easy this morning.  It’s going to be a HOT day at work (no AC) so I’m happy with getting my extra 45 minutes of sleep 😀

Today’s breakfast had me wicked excited…B + PB + B (bagel + PB + banana) 😉

I picked up these bagels at the store after a receiving a comment on here from a friend last week.

These Weight Watchers bagels only have 150 calories each & 9 grams of fiber.  Unfortunately, no whole grains, but I went for them anyways (hey, this girl will try anything for a bagel!)  If you’re not familiar with the Weight Watchers brand, loading up on the fiber in their items is typically how they are able to get their “points” so low, based on the formula they use with calories/fat/fiber.  No, I am certainly not on Weight Watchers or anything like it, I’ve just seen the program used in the past so I’m familiar with it :)

I decided to go for BOTH of my Saratoga Peanut Butter Co. peanut butters this morning – Plain Jane Chunky & Maple Peanut Butter. YUMM! 😀

Hello, Plain Jane Chunky!

Hello Maple!

The bagels were pretty decent, but certainly didn’t have the total appeal of a “real” bagel.  They were a little dry almost maybe?  Luckily, the PB + banana helped take care of any lacking flavor, so this breakfast got an A+! 😀

Here’s a few more questions answered for you this morning!!

Q: What did your high school prom dress look like?

A: Well, rather than explain it, how ’bout I show you!  Since Jay and I went to different high schools, that meant more proms – 4 to be exact!  I was able to find photos of 3 of my dresses.

Jay’s Junior Prom EEEK…this photo scares me! Haha, I was a little heavier back then…cosmic brownies & zebra cakes were pretty much a food group at that point.

My Junior Prom

My Senior Prom – I absolutely LOVED this dress!  I would wear it again if I had a reason!

Q: Did you and Jay have a song in high school?  Is it different from “your song” now?

A: Yes, actually we did!  “Our song” in high school was “Where You Are” by Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey.  Our song now would have to be the song we danced to at our wedding, which is “Love Song” by 311.

Q: What sports did you play in high school?

A: I played volleyball from grades 9-12, softball in grades 9 & 10, and I was also on the varsity bowling team from 8th grade – 12th grade.  Yup, bowling!  And in my junior year, our team was actually the New York State Champions! :)

Q: Have you ever taken Zumba at the gym?

A: I actually have not, only because my gym wasn’t offering it.  HOWEVER, I just saw a sign yesterday that said they were going to be starting a class up next week!  Soo, I’m totally trying it out…I’ve heard such great things about it!



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    I don’t remember the last time I saw my prom pictures! But I do recall what they looked like – I looked SO young, and lost! LOL I never plucked my eyebrows before, never wore makeup, didn’t know what to do with my hair. I needed HELP. :)

  2. says

    I loved my prom dress from senior year. It’s in my “about me” page.

    I played vball and softball in HS. I miss organized sports so much. Now it’s all “just for fun.”

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