Raw Bar Friday

Last night, Jay and I met up with our friends Joe & Kate, and Josh & Erika at the first Raw Bar of the season at the Park Pub.  The Park Pub is literally, less than a 2 minute drive from our house, so it’s super convenient!

It was a beautiful night, so we were able to enjoy our evening out on their open patio, which was hoppin’!

The chef, Brad, is so talented, and put offers such a great spread of seafood.  On Friday’s, they offer their Raw Bar menu, in addition to their regular menu, which are both full of lots of goodies.

Check out some of these goodies…and look at the size of that lobster!!

I started things off with a nice cold beer, and Jay and I shared a basket of the BEST EVER sweet potato fries! 😛  I can’t come here without getting them.

One of the great things about the Raw Bar, is that it offers many items individually.  So, since I was feeling a little adventurous, I decided to take advantage…

I ordered 1/2 dozen JUMBO shrimp – one of which I let Jay try 😉  He said it was “ok”.  I said they were delicious!

1/2 dozen Snow Crab Claws which were so sweet, juicy, and meaty.  SO GOOD! 😀

Then my adventurous self decided to order 1 oyster & 1 little neck clam 😉

A little nervous!…

The verdict?!?  The oyster pretty much tasted like cocktail sauce, since it slides right down your throat.  So in that sense, it was good.  But I don’t think I would pay to order them out, because why pay all the money to taste cocktail sauce?  I don’t know…I guess I don’t get the total appeal yet?  And for the clam…yup, definitely not for me!  I’ve tried steamed clams before which were ok, but raw…no thank you! :)

I was so proud of hubby tonight…he had NEVER tried any sort of fish fry or fish and chips dinner (crazy, right?!?), so he figured tonight was as good a night as any.  He went with the fish & chips and he REALLY liked it!  YAY! 😀  I tried a bite of it too and it was delish.

After hanging out on the patio for almost 3 hours, we decided to end the night with a bonfire.  It was a later night than normal (Friday’s I’m usually ready to pass out by 10:00!) but we had an awesome night with great food and great friends! 😀


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      Thank You! It has taken me FOREVER to get it to this length…it used to be halfway down my back, then I chopped it all off to my chin! I liked it short for about 3 months, then decided I wanted it all back. Too bad it doesn’t grow back as quick as it takes to chop it all off! :)

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        Oh, I LOVE it!!! It looks great on you. But I do know exactly what you mean. Mine takes a ridiculous amount of time to grow..it’s sooo frustrating. I actually take pre-natal vitamins (even though I’m not pregnant, nor plan to be for quite some time) & they seem to be helping..but it could just be my imagination- haha!

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