He Liked It So He Went And Put A Ring On It…

Nooo, not me sillies…I already got my ring!  BUT…

Our cousin Sarah & her man Jeff are ENGAGED!!

Jeff and I have been in “cahoots” for the past week, planning a little surprise gathering at their new house for when they returned from the big moment!  Jeff brought Sarah up to Saratoga Lake for the big proposal, and then, unbeknownst to her, came back to the house for her to “grab a couple things so they could head back out to share the news”.  Well, Sarah was quite surprised to walk into her house and see 8 of her closest friends!  Can’t you tell?

It all worked out PERFECT, and everyone had a great time!  We had quite a yummy spread of food & drinks too, which everyone helped throw together, literally in the matter of hours.  Because while I was aware of what was going to most likely be happening, the rest of the crowd didn’t find out until a few hours before! Here’s some of our fellow “party-throwers” :)

Brook & Andrea

Kanika & Shaheen

Christina & Matt

Me & Jay 😀

Having fun celebrating!

I munched on a bunch of snacks throughout the night, and never even ended up using a plate (which is usually trouble).  I definitely dominated Andrea’s garbage bread (maybe 4-5 pieces?)…so good!  And the italian pastries…ohh wow were they delish! 😉  I had a canoli and a piece of off some chocolate/cookie/pudding roll that was out of this world!

I really couldn’t be happier for these two…they SO deserve this! 😀




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