He Was Safe!

Did anyone see the Detriot Tigers game last night?  I didn’t see it live, but once I woke up this morning and turned on the TV, I felt like that’s all I was hearing.  I did get a chance to see the replay, and WOW, that runner was definitely not safe!  He should have had a perfect game!

I feel bad for Armando Galarraga…there aren’t many pitchers that can say they’ve had a perfect game!  But at least he seemed pretty cool with everything in his interviews :)

Ok, well now you’ve gotten a little bit of your “sports fill” for the morning. :) Onto breakfast!!

Breakfast this morning was a delicious B+PB+B!

I topped one of my Weight Watchers bagels with some Saratoga Peanut Butter Co. Maple PB & 1/2 of a sliced banana.

Along with my B+PB+B, I have a nice mug of iced coffee with skim milk, which I brewed last night, to bring with me to work.

I plan on enjoying the other 1/2 of my banana as a mid-morning snack.

I was so tempted this morning to snag a bite of one of my s’mores stuffed brownies (staring face-to-face with me as I was toasting my bagel).  But I knew if I started my morning off with something so sweet and decadent, I would end up craving sweets alllll day long.  So, I’ll save my treat for a little later tonight. :)

Do you ever indulge in foods that are completely “non-breakfast” in the morning?

Back in my “not-so-healthy” days, I used to have scoops of ice cream for breakfast with cinnamon toast…it was sooo good. 😛


  1. says

    I see so many people mix PB with a lot of things. I like PB and all, but I haven’t tried it with anything else (yet). I really really don’t like chocolate and PB together. So maybe that’s why I’m scared to try it with bananas….mmmm I love bananas.

  2. says

    I made cupcakes one time and there were so many so I gave them to my bf. He texted me one day and said, “I just ate 2 cupcakes for breakfast. FML”. lol.

  3. says

    YES- I saw that play live- I felt SOOO bad for him. His face was priceless- like in a bad way for him :( But at least he knows, and all of the US knows that he really did get a perfect game!
    I’m the same way with sweets in the a.m- I can’t do it otherwise I get a really bad tummy ache :(

  4. Laura J. says

    For some reason if I start my day off on an unhealthy note, it throws my eating for the whole day off. So I usually try to avoid goodies in the morning, ha :)

    My hubby is from Michigan and is a HUUUGE Tigers fan. He went crazy after that call haha. I think Galarraga handled himself so well despite how huge of a disappointment that had to have been for him.

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