Fabulous Friday…x5

Happy Friday!!

I am in such a good mood this morning!  Not only is it just Friday, it’s Dress Down Friday, Pay Day Friday, Coffee Friday, Fashion Friday, & Free Donut Friday! WHEW! 😀

Yup, that’s right, free donut!  Today at Dunkin Donuts, if you buy any medium or larger sized beverage, you get a FREE donut!  Now, typically, I wouldn’t go getting myself a donut, but hey, I was already going to get my coffee anyways, so could I really turn down free sweets? 😉

I got a fabulous tasting iced coffee with skim milk (NO splenda…trying really hard to cut it out), AND my favorite donut: Blueberry Cake! :mrgreen:

I’m so glad I remembered to grab my snazzy coozie before leaving the house because it is ungodly hot and sticky in my room right now, and my cup would definitely be sweating all over my desk! 😉

Before leaving the house this morning, I made myself a light breakfast, since I knew I’d be picking up my other goody along the way to work.  I toasted a small piece of my super yummy Hearty Oat Loaf, and topped it with some Plain Jain Chunky PB & strawberry preserves.  I think it’s safe to say that this bread is even better when it’s lightly toasted!  Holy YUM! 😀

I also grabbed a banana for some fruit.

So if you happened to catch my post last night, you already know that today’s Fashion Friday post is going to require some more input from you guys!  I have TWO MORE dresses to choose from for tomorrow’s wedding, BOTH of which I like better than the last 2!  So make sure to check back this afternoon to weigh in on your favorite!

Question for the Morning:

In my book, Friday always has something to celebrate!  What are you celebrating on this Fabulous Friday? :)


  1. says

    That’s MY favorite Dunkin’ Donut too!! They are the BEST :)
    I have never seen a coozy before for dunkin’ – that’s awesome. I know, my cups always sweat all over the place. I have nice little puddles- loL!
    And THANKS for your suggestion on your oat bread- I’m writing down the recipe now to make it this weekend b/c I need some good filling stuff & that sounds PERFECT!
    Can’t wait to see your dresses- lovin’ that red color in the ‘sneak peek.’
    This Friday I’m going to see one of my best friends & catch up..and also Craig gets home tonight from a quick trip he had out west- YAY! (he’s only been gone one night..I am pathetic…LOL!)
    Have a GREAT day!!!

  2. Maura says

    I’m celebrating ME this Friday. It’s my birthday tomorrow so I have officially kickstarted “birthday weekend”

  3. says

    I almost caved for a donut, but decided I’d prefer a cookie with lunch instead… :)

    I’m celebrating the end of the work week as always…

    Have fun at the wedding! (I read the post after this one and am voting for the pink! love the halter…)

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