Rehearsal Time!

Hey guys!  Thanks so much for all your feedback on my dress selections!  It’s coming down to the wire, so any other opinions would be fabulous! :)

I never got a chance to post about today’s lunch, so even though it was a little boring, I’ll give you a quick recap…

Fresh Berries + plain Chobani + Kashi Heart to Heart

Mixed together to make a fabulous “yogurt mess” 😉

I also enjoyed some carrot & cucumber sticks + hommus

After work today, it was time to get ready to head over to Joe & Kate’s  rehearsal dinner!  Jay is a groomsman in the wedding, so we had the pleasure of being invited…YAY!  Always love a reason to celebrate 😉  Before leaving, I snacked on this apple to tide me over before dinner.  It was delish!

So, remember earlier how I said I had another reason to wear my flower dress?  Well, tonight was the night!  I figured tonight’s rehearsal would be the perfect opportunity to wear that snazzy floral number! 😀

I started off the rehearsal dinner with a delicious glass of Mirassou Pinto Grigio.  I really liked this wine!  I could really taste the peach and pear flavors; it went down quite smooth and was very refreshing!  I ended up having 2 glasses during the night.

Tonight’s dinner was back at the Park Pub, which you may remember Jay and I attended last Friday for their Raw Bar.  Our friend Brad, who is the main chef there, sure did not disappoint with tonights’ Italain spread.  Seriously, was he reading my mind? 😉

I enjoyed some salad, along with baked ziti, chicken parm, & a fresh roll with some butta’.  It all tasted FABULOUS! 😀  I guess I was really in need of a good Italian meal!

Fun pics from the night!!

Me & Jay

Soon-to-Be Mr. & Mrs!!! 😀

Me & Kate

Joey & Jay

More fun with the hubby…he’s SO good at these quick photos…I can never get them centered! 😉

It was a super fun night, and we had such a great time celebrating with the happy couple!  I can’t believe the big day is tomorrow…it seems like just yesterday when they got engaged!! 😀

What are you doing for fun this coming weekend???

Besides the wedding, I’m planning some relaxation with some magazines, a trip to the farmers market, and hopefully some time by the pool…if the weather will cooperate! 8)


  1. Jae says

    You are so gorgeous! Im a new reader and I love your writing. It’s so fresh and perky and you always seem to love life:)
    You and your husband look sooooo good together too!

  2. says

    I second that you and your husband look awesome together!
    My fiance and I will be heading to Michigan tonight and will
    be back on Tuesday, so no more blogging for me! I never
    got a chance to see the floral dress in your picks!
    It’s gorgeous on you!
    Have a great weekend!
    PS I love your blog!

  3. Gabby says

    You should come to the Farmers Market at the Crossings tomorrow. Its the opening day and from what I can see they have a ton of cool vendors coming. Wendy and I are heading over around 10:15ish. Text me if you are up to it. Also they have a FB page that I recently became a fan of so you can see who the vendors are! Talk to you later chickie!!

  4. says

    LOVE. THAT. DRESS. You are look so beautiful!!!! :)
    And, after seeing your plate of your dinner my dinner tonight has now been decided 😉
    Baked ziti with salad it is. It was so funny I was reading this & then I saw the picture of your dinner & I looked @ Craig and said I know EXACTLY what I’m doing for dinner!! :)


  1. […] Brad, who actually used to be the chef at the Park Pub (which I’ve mentioned on here a few times like for Joe & Kate’s rehearsal dinner) just opened it up recently, and we’d already heard really great […]

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