Fiesta Lunch & A Loaded Question

If I were to tell you that I’ve been thinking about today’s lunch since I woke up this morning, would you think I was crazy????

Well, I’ve definitely been thinking about today’s lunch since I woke up this morning, so call me CrAzY if ya want! 😉

Ever since my best salad EVER on Sunday, I’ve been waiting to recreate it again, and today was the day…

Today, I have another delicious base of romaine, topped with:

-leftover chicken



-black beans

-roasted red peppers

Since I actually planned ahead and packed this salad up last night, I made sure to pack up anything that could alter the texture of this beast into separate containers…

Salsa + fat-free sour cream (about 1 tbsp)

Crushed up baked tortilla chips

All together now…

“Oooooo….Ahhhh” 😉

I also packed up a piece of my cornbread with a nice smear of honey butter on top.

I really need to invest in a dishwasher if I’m going to keep packing my lunches this way…sheesh! :)

By the time lunch actually rolled around this afternoon, I was completely famished.  I forgot to pack myself a mid-morning snack, and I didn’t even have anything in my “stash” here at work.  YIKES!  Lunch was easily dominated in my short 20 minute lunch period…it was fantastic!

So I’ve had another question “in queue” from Lindsey for a couple weeks now, basically because I’ve been trying to decide how to answer it.  There’s two ways I could answer it: give the bare bones and leave it at that.  OR, I coudld be honest and upfront with you guys, and give you the real deal story.  Well, I’ve decided to give you guys the “real deal”, but it’s coming in 2 installments, since it’s kind of a lengthy one!

Q: When did you become interested in fitness and wellness? Was there a turning point for you?

A: This question could potentially end up being a pretty loaded one, so bear with me!  I’m going to break it into 2 parts, just to keep from boring anyone! 😉

I’d say that fitness and wellness, in a positive light, really didn’t come into the picture much for me until I was about 24.  Up until that point, my mindset was more heavily focused on exercise and losing weight, but not in a positive manner. 

Quick backtrack…

Growing up, I did some modeling which I always LOVED.  However, I wasn’t really ever a “skinny” girl, and was actually much more on the chubby side.  I would occasionally feel self-conscious, noticing how my body wasn’t exactly built like the other girls, but I still loved doing it just the same, and was almost too young to care.

As I continued to grow up, some of my modeling brought me to bigger and more exciting experiences.  I participated twice in the Miss New York USA pageant (trust me, I’m NOT a “pageant” girl…I went into it both times expecting not to win and just enjoyed the experience) and finished as a semi-finalist both times.  It was fun, exciting, and has left me with many memories.  However, seeing myself surrounded by these drop-dead gorgeous, size 0’s with huge boobs, my self-conscious self started surfacing more and more.  I tried to shove the thoughts that were battling with my realistic-self to the back burner, but they slowly kept creeping up.

It wasn’t until a local contest to try out for the TV show America’s Next Top Model came to town that things began to change.  Shockingly enough, I ended up winning the local contest, providing me with the opportunity to travel down to New York City to try out with the actual casting directors of the show.  I can still remember the day I got the news: I had just been on the computer and printed off a recipe for Malt Caramel Brownies…that quickly got thrown into the garbage, along with my love for food…

Stay tuned for Part 2 tonight!


  1. Hope says

    Hey Court, after reading this entry I just had to tell you that I have known you for YEARS and I was always in aw of you because you were sooo beautiful and you also had a great personality. I know we all have our own preceptions of our bodies and can only sometimes see our flaws. ANYWAY you looked amazing when I met you about 12 years ago (wow has it really been that long?) and you look amazing now. You have actually inspired me to get back on track with eating right and exercising. THANK YOU!

  2. says

    I’m glad I asked that question…I can’t wait to hear more!

    Top Model is one of my favorite shows. I’m not surprised at all you were called to try out, you are one stunning woman! :)

  3. Heather says

    Hope is right, you always were and are beautiful (inside AND out)!! Who else would stay friends with crazy me after all these years?? <3


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