Friends + New Goodies

Hey guys, sorry for the super late post, I wasn’t expecting to be this late!

Jay and I were very excited to have the Newlyweds over tonight, since they just got back from their honeymoon in Vegas! 😀  We made sure to get lots of good tips and advice for our trip out there this August!   I can’t WAIT!!! :mrgreen:

I decided to put out a little spread of bread, crackers, cheese, and some other goodies tonight for our company.  I like switching things up every once in a while with a casual spread like this, which isn’t always ideal for two people.  But it worked out great tonight!

Aren’t the flowers gorgeous??  My hubby came home with them for me today…he’s the best! <3

On my way home from work today, I picked up a french baguette, along with some brie…the rest of the stuff I already had on hand (love when that happens!)

Cheddar + Pepperjack + Brie…YUMM! 😛

The last of my Pretzel Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cookies!  Thank goodness I had a way to get some outta here quicker!

When Kate got here, she popped open a bottle of Skinny Girl Margaritas that she found at the store earlier in the day.  Yes, it is created by Bethenny Frankel, the star of Real Housewives of NYC!

I tried a glass, and it was quite tasty!  Considering that a 4 oz. serving weighs in at only 100 calories, as opposed to the massive amounts in a typical margarita, I’m a fan!  It uses all-natural ingredients, no preservatives or artificial colors, is lightly sweetened with agave nectar, and is made with premium, 100% Blue Agave Tequila.

I also put out some of these goodies to share, which I received from Simply Gourmand.

According to the website, here’s what the people at Simply Gourmand have to share:

“We grew up in France and we are passionate about French food. We want to make it easy for you to find French favorites in the United States and in Canada.

We focus on gourmand foods: tasty, high-quality products the French have grown up with and enjoy not only on special occasions.

Whether you have known them forever or you are just discovering them, we are here to bring you all kinds of gourmand foods, at a competitive price.”

The one product that I really enjoyed was the Coco Passion Jam, which is made mainly from passion fruit, and had a very sweet, unique flavor.  I only had some spread on crackers tonight, but I can only imagine what it would taste like in some plain greek yogurt!!

*Speaking of Greek yogurt, don’t forget…there’s still time to enter into the Chobani coupons giveaway!!!  Be sure to check it out if you haven’t already.  A winner will be announced tomorrow evening!

Alright folks, I’m off to BED!!  G’Night! :)


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