Impatiently Waiting

Good Morning friends! :)

I got my morning started off on the right foot with a good workout on the treadmill.  I actually had the desire to run outside, but since I don’t own any kind of mile tracking device, I would have no idea how far to go!  So until then, I think I’m going to have to map out a route…perhaps I’ll try that later on! 😉  I actually decided to skip the running part and went with my 45 minute treadmill walk workout.  I did, however, get the urge to run a few times, so I ended up covering about 3.5 miles.  I’m thinking I want to add in a little yoga today too.  I don’t know why, but it always gets pushed to the back burner.  So I’m really going to try to just bite the bullet and DO it!  Perhaps a power yoga session on yogadownload??


I was planning on oatmeal this morning, but I was extremely overheated after the workout, so I stuck with some chilly choices.

Grapefruit, sprinkled with a little PureVia

And a small bowl of vanilla flavored Chobani with Kashi Heart to Heart & a sprinkle of cinnamon

I had the other 1/2 of the grapefruit too, it was just a little camera shy.

I kept breakfast #1 on the lighter side because I have some goodies baking in the oven right now, which I’m waiting very impatiently for!  I’ll be sure to share with you guys later on. 😉

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Random Question of the Morning:

What is your favorite, most memorable vacation you’ve ever taken?

I would have to say my honeymoon to St. Lucia.  It was absolutely incredible!!  Ahhh, can someone please take me back there so I can be on the beach sippin’ on some fruity umbrella bevies? 😀


  1. briana says

    Hi Courtney!
    I’m planning my honeymoon now and was looking into st lucia how did u like it? Did u do all inclusive?

    • says

      We absolutely LOVED it!! We stayed at the Sandals Grande St. Lucian, which is an all inclusive resort. And to be honest, I don’t think we’d go any other way. It was so nice to have everything (well, mostly everything) all taken care of in advance, and not have to worry about walking around with money all the time. The staff was extremely friendly, the food and drinks were delicious, and the resort & island were just gorgeous!!! Definitely check it out! :)

  2. says

    My most memorable vacation is actually the one we take every year. We go to a lake in Maine with friends and all of our dogs. It’s so peaceful and relaxing, yet fun and full of great memories!

  3. *Andrea* says

    great run!! my most memorable vacation was spring break this year – went on my first cruise with friends from college for senior year spring break

  4. says

    Definitely my honeymoon to Maui! We were there for 12 glorious days and it was amazing! We are actually going back for our 5 year anniversary (this coming April) for another 12 days! I can’t wait!

  5. Liza says

    My most memorial vacation was Spring Break 2008. I was studying abroad in South Africa, and six of my friends and I spent a week and a half traveling through Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, and Zimbabwe. We camped out in tents each night and drove around in a giant jeep!

  6. says

    Most memorable vacation was my 30-2 birthday party to Alabama to spend a long weekend with my brother and 2 girlfriends. Awesome! Israel was amazing, but it was for work and not really a vacation!

    As for the run, you should check out some of my runner friends swear by it.

  7. says

    I love grapefruit! I had one from breakfast too! Yummmm

    Hmmm I love anywhere hot and sunny so mine probably is Maui. I just love the vibe there and I can relax and not feel guilty! I love watching the sunsets and waking up to eat breakfast next to the beach!


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