We've Got a Winner!

A big congratulations goes out to….

Shanna, like Banana, I’m easily pleased with Blueberry!

Congratulations, Shanna! :) Please e-mail me your address & shipping info at sweettoothcourtney@gmail.com.

So earlier today, I was asked by Christy if I could make a list of some of my favorite healthier bread products.  While I’m not sure if they’re all quite at the top of the charts, most of them include either a high amount of fiber or whole grains, both of which are important when I’m shopping for breads.  So, here ya go, Christy!


Arnold whole wheat sandwich thins

Healthy Choice Hearty 7-Grain bread

Arnold Natural Flax & Fiber bread

Nature’s Own light honey wheat bread


Weight Watchers bagels

Western Bagel alternative bagels (*I, sadly, have yet to try these because they aren’t offered anywhere near me, but I hear great things about them!)


La Tortilla Factory wraps (100 calorie whole wheat & rosemary are two of my faves)


Dinner is also going to be split into two this evening, as was breakfast.  Dinner #1 was a delicious salad!

Today’s salad started with a base of romaine, and included cukes, grape tomatoes, onions, yellow bell peppers, leftover green beans from the hubby’s dinner a couple nights ago, and some dried cranberries.  It was fantastic!

I enjoyed my salad while reading my new copy of Food & Wine magazine which came in the mail today! :)

I only got about halfway through, but there are some amazing sounding recipes in here!  I just wish they weren’t all so hard to prepare (or so loaded with pounds of butter…yikes!)

Dinner #2 will be happening in a couple hours.  The hubby has a softball game tonight, and we’re all going to order some pizza after the game is over.  I’m definitely planning on enjoying a piece of that (well, I’m going to try to keep it to ONE!) 😳

So I have a bit of news I’ve been meaning to share with you all for a couple days now, but I just keep forgetting to type it up!

I’ve recently been hired to write for The Examiner, and will be known as the Albany Healthy Living Examiner!  How cool, right?  I’m super excited about it, and have actually already written two articles.  If you want to check out my page, you can click here, and be sure to spread the word! 😀

Since they gave me the title of “Healthy Living“, it gives me a pretty wide range of topics that I could cover, which I think is awesome.  SO, if you have any ideas or suggestions for a topic I should cover, I’d love to hear your ideas!

Well, I’m off to go watch the hubby at his game and chat with the rest of the wives & girlfriends! 😉  Have a great night!!


  1. Gabby says

    Another addition to your bread selections in regards to bagels, I recently have found Lenders 100 calorie bagels, which are quite good. They aren’t huge but just enough to have a little yogurt or piece of fruit with it.

    And congrats on the new writing gig Ms. Courtney!!! Hope to see you soon!

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