Record Time Lunch Prep

I’m pretty positive I threw lunch together this morning in record time.  As you know, I usually try to prepare and pack my lunches the night before; it makes for a nice, streamlined routine, and I totally love the idea of the “grab ‘n go” lunch.  BUT, with feeling so super lazy last night, I just did not want to do anything.  I knew it would come back to bite me in the butt! 😳

Despite my race against time, I’d still say I managed to come up with some fairly yummy goods!

Grape tomatoes & the LAST of my jumbo Farmers Market carrots (yes, they’ve lasted this long) with some roasted red pepper hommus

And a vanilla flavored Chobani with fresh strawberries & blueberries (this was a 16oz. tub, but there was about a 5-6 oz. serving left) mixed in with some Kashi Heart to Heart.  It made for one fabulous yogurt mess! 😛

At our breakfast this morning, there was not only a delcious spread of breakfast choices, but also some delicious, indulgent sweet treats, too.  Before leaving, I made sure to grab one of the absolutely scrumptious chocolate chip “cookies” with vanilla frosting that my co-worker Tracy makes.  They are famous around here!

It was definitely hard staring at this thing on my desk all morning, but I managed to hold off until lunch.  (YAY for some willpower!) 😉

Normally, I would have packed a little more to have as my “second” mini lunch, but after work today, I’m headed to a par-tay!  My mom is hosting an “end of the school-year party” for the school that she works at (which is also the school that I used to work at), so I’m really excited to go and see all of my old co-workers & friends.  I’m pretty positive there will be a big ‘ol spread of goods, so I’ll be sure to come back with a recap later! :)

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    Good links…thanks! I love the article on the foods for healthy bones! I think that is so important…especially for us women!

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