The Sweet Tooth Surrenders

After work today, I headed over to my parent’s house for a little party action with some old co-workers and friends.  By the time I got there, the party was already hoppin’, and with lots of delicious goodies.

While chatting and catching up, I snacked on a few tortilla chips with guacamole and some fresh veggies.  After making some rounds, I finally grabbed myself a plate.

Some salsa + avocado with tortillas, garlic bagel toasts with some dip which actually ended up being a little too spicy for me to finish (no idea what it was?!?) and a baguette appetizer with horseradish, roast beef, tomato & sour cream.  It was delicious, not to mention the presentation was super cute! :)

I also enjoyed about 3 of these…

You will never see me turn down a jell-o shot! (Actually, that’s not true…I had to turn them down at my own engagement party due to a little over-indulgence at a wedding the night before…oops!  Hey, it happens to the best of us, right?) 😉  Mom and I are huge fans of making jell-o shots for parties with LOTS of different flavor combos.  I’ve gotten it down to a science, as you can see…

“Look Mom, Two Hands!”

And Jay is a fantastic sidekick & mixmaster 😉

A couple of my favorite combos are:

Pineapple jello + Malibu rum

Blue Raspberry jello + Malibu rum

(basically any flavor with Malibu rum…seeing a pattern?) :)

Cherry jello + Amaretto

Ok, enough jello talk!

So eventually, my sweet tooth got the best of me, and I had to go for some goods.  Two homemade desserts by Mom can NOT be passed up…ever.

Cake #1: Homemade banana walnut cake with cream cheese frosting (I picked out the nuts, if you remember from me mentioning this in my random question earlier this week).  Cream cheese frosting totally rocks my world.

Cake #2: Marble cake with homemade chocolate buttercream frosting…I actually cut a fairly tiny piece of this cake, but then proceeded to scrape the bottom of the plate where all of the leftover bottoms are.  That is probably one of my favorite parts of the cake…it’s soooo good!

Well, I hate to admit it, but my Sweet Tooth has officially surrendered today. 😯  After having extra sweets both at breakfast, and at lunch, THEN at “dinner”, my body has gone into official sugar coma mode.  UGHH! 😳

When I got home from the party, I knew I had to get moving somehow, but I was gettin’ no love from the tummy, so I kept things easy with my 30 minute Pilates DVD.  It felt really good to stretch things out a bit, but I am definitely feelin’ sluggish.

As crappy as I’m feeling at the moment, I’m not going to beat myself up over today’s eats, because simply: it happens.  We all have days that are not our best, but we just have to accept it; we can’t change what we’ve eaten, but we can move on from it and continue on to our normal healthy ways of eating…starting ASAP.  I’m looking forward to getting back on track tomorrow…and I’m sure my body will thank me too! 😉

How do you handle days when you overindulge?


  1. says

    Ok, too funny on the Jello shots. You are serious!! I am normally not a fan of cakes. But that Homemade banana walnut cake with cream cheese frosting….hello, please send me a piece??!! I indulged for a week on vacation, I just had to say that Monday (after vacay) is a new day, a new week.

  2. says

    Don’t sweat it, girl. Homemade desserts are worth it. I know you should never eat until you feel uncomfortable, but we all do it accidentally sometimes! You’re still fabulous! Just remember that :smile:

  3. says

    This looks like such a delicious meal!! I love that you actually made Jello shots at a family party…I WISH my parents would be cool with that!! So fun. Have you ever had vodka gummies? Just as good but with even less prep!

    Those desserts look absolutely worth the indulgence :) I used to be super strict with myself when it came to dessert and absolutely beat myself up over it, but I’ve learned that everyone has their “worth it” foods. Whenever I feel like I indulged a bit TOO much though, I make sure to start the next day with a healthy breakfast and hard workout. It gets me back into the healthy mindset!

  4. says

    Look at those jello shots! I love the fact that they each have their own lids!

    On my overindulgence days I usually feel a bit guilty about it but then hop on the treadmill the next day and get back to normal and my guilt of overindulging goes away! I think that a little bit of indulgence is necessary!

  5. says

    What ratio do you use with the jello/water/Malibu rum? Vodka freaks me out in jello shots and I’m having a reunion with my siblings this weekend and I’d love to make these…

    • says

      When I use Malibu, I usually replace the cold water with the Malibu (it’s a 1:1 ratio with the boiling water). Since Malibu has less alcohol content than vodka, I can use more of it (not to mention the fact that I love it).
      Good luck with making them! Let me know how they turn out!

  6. amy says

    Get right back on the wagon and realize its impossible to be perfect hon.
    And please do tell what makeup u use, your skin just glows and I love it.

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