Day at the Lake

Today was definitely one of those days where you sit back and ask yourself…“Why can’t everyday be like today?” We must have all said this at least half a dozen times during the course of the day.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day, spent with fabulous friends, food, fun, & games.

Jay and I got our day started with a trip to Bruegger’s Bagels.  Bruegger’s probably has (in my opinion) the best bagels around here.  They have the perfect soft, chewy texture that a bagel should have, plus they’re not ridiculously enormous like some other bagels are.  I decided on the Egg White & Sun-Dried Tomato Sandwich, which was egg whites, cheddar cheese, & a sun-dried tomato spread that was absolutely amazing.  Jay said it reminded him of pizza! 😉  I got my sandwich on a honey grain bagel which, I think, made the perfect sandwich. :)

A little messy to start, but totally worth the extra napkins!

I also think I may have found a new favorite iced coffee…this coffee was BY FAR the BEST that I’ve had in a LONG time.  SOOOOO good!!  I added a PureVia packet & some 2% milk to mine.

After breakfast (on the road) it was time to get the day started!  There was lots of fun to be had at the lake today 8)

The boys were such hams!

The girlies, enjoying the sun! 8)

New beer we found at Stewarts — $2.99 for a 6 pack!  After trying it, the boys said they know why… 😉

Yup, keg on the boat — these boys like their beer!

Mal’s homemade sangria — it was DELISH!


Salsa + chopped avocado — super easy, and super yummy :)

Cornhole!  Jay and I were the CHAMPS in our double elimination tournament – WOOT WOOT!

Can you see us? hehe…

Dinner on the grill – homemade kebabs

My plate – Morningstar veggie burger on a toasted sandwich thin, chicken & veggie kebab, & some pasta salad

Another great day with great friends!!

Seriously, I am such a lucky girl! :mrgreen:

Question for ya!…

What are your favorite foods to have for a barbecue?


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    Looks like a great time! Cute suit! :)

    Favorite foods at a BBQ…well, first I love a good drink and that sangria looks amazing! As for food I love potato salad!

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