How Do You Roll?

Today was one of those morning where my body just did not want to get up.  I had my alarm all set for a morning workout, but by the time it went off, the magnetic force between by finger and snooze button was unstoppable.  It wasn’t until the third hit of the snooze button, where I finally just moved the alarm up to be able to get some extra sleep (in more than 9 minute snooze intervals). 

Apparently, my body was craving sleep, so I wasn’t going to force it to do what it wasn’t ready to do.  No worries though — if I have time to squeeze in a workout later, I will.  If not, I’ll just start up again tomorrow.  I’d rather feel refreshed & rejuvinated, instead of sluggish & sleepy! :)

Breakfast featured another variety of VitaTops this morning: BlueBran.

This time, I wrapped it in a paper towel and heated it up quick in the micro for about 15 seconds, which made a big difference compared to yesterday’s.  I debated on another overly delicious oatmeal bowl, but was feeling too lazy to prep it, so I went with another favorite: Chobani! :)

My yogurt bowl started with a vanilla flavored Chobani, topped with blueberries, 1/4 cup Kashi Heart to Heart cereal, and 3/4 of a crumbled BlueBran VitaTop (I ate the other 1/4 right out of the micro!).

And guess what else was hiding underneath there???…

Strawberries!! 😛

And then things got messy — just how I like ’em 😉

Along with my yogurt bowl, I enjoyed a delicious mug of iced coffee while double checking my list for the grocery store trip I have planned after work this afternoon.  I saw these lists at Target last week, and decided I just had to have them (yes, another impromptu buy). I thought maybe they’d help me better plan my meals for the week — yup, it’s working out really well.  As you can see, that portion of the list is still clean & empty. 😉

Hey, maybe next week? :)

Ok, so I need you guys to help me out this morning!

The hubby and I have been having a debate on something for over a year now, and I decided it’s time to finally settle things once and for all.  It’s a very serious matter folks, so bare with me. 

So what is the subject of this very heated debate you ask???


Toilet Paper

One of us thinks it goes THIS WAY:

And one of us thinks it goes THIS WAY:

In order to be fair, I won’t tell you guys if I think over or under is the correct way, (but I will tell you that I left a clue somewhere in this post to help you figure out my way!) 😉


How Do You Roll?  Over or Under? :)

If it turns out my way is less popular, I will give up my stance once and for all on the TP debate!  (So that means I’m counting on you guys!)


  1. says

    I used to bug my parents and put it “under” when I lived with them. It made them angry hahahhaha… but now that I’m on my own (well, with the Boyf of course) I have to have it over.

    I’m going to guess that you’re an under person. Are you a leftie? I found that my neighbours always had them “under” and they were all left handed. Maybe it’s something to do with that.

  2. Barbara says

    I had this same debate when I first got married!!! And I won out with “over the top”!!!!! It’s the only way to go, pardon the pun!! When it’s over the top you can just spin off the amount you need. Pulling from the bottom might tear off the paper before you have enough! This has been debated by others too- and I think there is a scientific study out there as well that sides with me—google it!! Good luck!

  3. Michelle says

    OVER! and your clue was “The hubby and I have been having a debate on something for over a year now”??

    I totally agree it should be OVER

  4. says

    Over. This should have been discussed before the marriage. J/k! The stupid things with fight over with our men. Even though we are usually right.

    I love your blog….just found it.

  5. Jess Masters says

    Chris and I have this same argument all of the time. I want it UNDER, which tends to be the least popular answer. Chris always switches the tp on me 😉

    Have you been to the Charmin Roll Debate on their website? I voted — I was not in the majority.

  6. Megan says

    I’m glad this is such a common debate! I’m definitely an OVER person, but my grandmother at one point told me I wasn’t allowed to change the roll in her house anymore because I did it wrong. She said under makes it tear off easier… really?? :)

  7. krittie says

    Over! My parents used to get so mad when we would put it the “wrong” way and now I realize I get mad at Gregg. To fix that problem, we now have our own bathrooms :)

  8. says

    over. i will change it if big guy replaces the roll (i’d probably have a heart attack if he actually replaced it, in reality) and it goes under.

  9. TheBloggersBrother says

    Over for sure. its so much easier to make a clean rip on the paper when its over. under, not so much, it just keeps rolling down!!!

  10. jeanine mitchell says

    over for sure!!!!!!!!! there was a substitute custodian at work who was doing it under and it unnerved me!

  11. Heather says

    Over! My grandma agrees (I used to always switch it to under when I stayed over at her house to mess with her lol)


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