Sorry Gym, I Needed a Break

Ok, you guys have some really great strategies for keeping yourselves motivated for the gym!

I sat and read them all for quite a while, hoping that they would be enough to motivate me.  Unfortunately, it just wasn’t in me today.  The thought of going to the gym did not appeal to me at all.  Usually, I love a good workout to help me “de-stress” but today was not that day.  I’m perfectly fine with it though, and hopefully I’ll get my exercise “mojo” back bright and early tomorrow morning. 😉

So Jay and I had been planning to do a little grilling tonight at the house, but we had a last minute change of plans when our friends Josh & Erika invited us over for some grillin’.  Grillin’ with friends?  Heck yes! 😀

I began my evening of “de-stressing” with a nice cold blueberry beer.  It’s been a while since I’ve had this stuff, and I sure have missed it!  I ended up having 2 throughout the night.

For dinner, Josh prepared some fixins’ to make kebabs, and we all got to make our own! :)

(Mine are those 2 hot lookin’ kebabs on the right with lots-o-veggies – there was no mistakin’ Courtney’s kebabs!) 😉

My plate: I enjoyed 2 kebabs, some more corn on the cob (YAY summer!) and some awesome macaroni salad.  Now, I like mac salad, but I can usually take it or leave it.  But THIS STUFF was A-MAZING!  I definitely went back for some seconds (and maybe a little bit of thirds, but who’s counting?) 😉

When it comes to red meat, I’m really not all that crazy about it.  Again, could take it or leave it, and I usually would just prefer chicken or seafood instead.  I’m certainly not against it, and I’ve never completely cut it out of my diet, but I can be a little picky with it.  Thankfully, Josh’s steak did not disappoint – it was soaked in a delicious, spicy, fajita-like marinade that totally impressed me! :)

I’m pretty sure it impressed Joba too. 😉 (Joba is Josh & Erika’s Boxer, who first made his appearance on the blog here.  He’s such a cutie, isn’t he??)

When we got home, I mayyyyyy or may not have enjoyed a Granola Blondie — I’ll let you decide…if this was staring you in the face, could you pass it up? 😉

Tomorrow is my last day of school for the year(!), and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll get the “early dismissal” before lunch.  Tomorrow’s morning schedule could be a little busy, so I promise I’ll get back to you guys as soon as I can!  For now, I’m off to get ready for BED.

Question for the Night:

Did you feel today’s earthquake??

I didn’t, but a few friends said they did, and it was all over the news. Crazy!


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    Its okay to take a break. You are sooo diligent about the gym anyways.

    I have never tried blueberry beer. Does it actually taste blueberry like?

    That dog is toooo cute!!

  2. says

    I definitely have nights like that too where just hanging out, eating good food and enjoying a couple drinks is just what the doctor ordered :) Gotta enjoy life and that’s one of the best ways I know how!

  3. says

    Yummy looking kebabs! All veg is definitely the way to go :)

    Your granola blondies look better and better each time you post them. I just checked out the recipe, and they’re healthy to boot! I’m adding them to my recipe bookmarks page now!

    Hope you get that early dismissal, have a great day!

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    Such a fun evening– good for you for listening to your body & giving it a break. Sounds like it was hinting to you that you needed one :)
    & the even better part is that you get to enjoy your off night with some friends!!!
    Oh- I meant to tell you, yesterday I saw a commercial for Cotonelle- the toilet paper- and the opening line was something along the lines of ‘do you ever debate about which is right- over or under…’ & it made me think of you/ your blog right away! :)

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    How exciting that it’s your last day!!! Wheee, summertime is here!!! Congrats. :-)

    Those kabobs are beautiful looking! Such a pretty dinner.

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    i’m the same way with red meat. i don’t hate it or love it. i just prefer chicken & fish. if someone i’m with has steak, just a bite or two will satisfy me, but i never want my own steak. but, every now and then i want a HUGE fat cheeseburger!

    didn’t feel it in SC, but i heard about it!

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