Got My Mojo Back

Goooooood Morning!! 😀  I am quite happy to report that I finally got my mojo back – my exercise mojo that is! 😉  I woke up bright and early and hit the ground treadmill runnin’

Warm Up –              5 mins (still half asleep) 😉

Run @ 7.5mph  – 2 mins

Run @ 6.5mph   – 1 min

Repeat intervals 9 times

Cool Down –           5 mins

After the run, I finished up with about 15 minutes worth of squats + calf raises, bridges, single leg squats, & abs.  It was a hot and SWEATY workout – holy moly!  I needed to sit for a good 5 minutes before even attempting to make a shower worthwhile.  It felt so good to get up and movin’ this morning too — I guess my bodyw as just telling me a needed a little extra rest.  So we may have broken up briefly, but we always know how to make up. 😉

I didn’t eat breakfast at home, because rumor had it that there was going to be some goodies at work today for our LAST day before summer vacation!  I brought some food with me just in case, but it turns out the rumors were true…

I made sure to dabble in a little bit of everything this morning, while keeping my portions small — that way I could enjoy everything, but in moderation.  I took a small slice of overnight french toast, which looked like the recipe I make but I’m not sure who made it?  Either way, it tasted awesome (Note to Self: Share that recipe with you guys soon).  I also took about 1/6 of a large strawberry muffin, and some fresh fruit (that mango you see there was out of this world good – it’s too bad it’s such a pain in the butt to prep, otherwise I’d buy it more often).  I ended up eating about 1/2 of the banana nut roll.

All enjoyed with some iced coffee in my snazzy new mug (I’m loving this thing by the way!)

It might not have been the most nutritious breakfast, but I didn’t stuff myself, I enjoyed a little of everything I wanted in moderation, and I also at least included some fresh fruit. :)  (I actually went back a little later for more mango + blueberries – they were fantastic!)

How Blog Savvy Are You?

Yesterday, Julie had a fabulous post which included some wonderful tips on how to better navigate around various blogs, etc.  Again, if you’re pretty familiar with this sort of thing, then you’ll probably just want to skip right through. 😉

Similarly to Julie, after talking to some of my friends & family, I realized that what may seem fairly simple and straightforward to me, might not be so for everyone else.  I immediately asked Julie if she would mind if I re-posted her ideas, and she was totally cool with it!  So since she worded it all so perfectly, I’m going to take it directly from her!  Here’s what you need to know:

  • Subscriptions: If you read certain blogs every day, you may want to subscribe to these blogs. This means that every time the blogger posts, you’ll receive an update. Most blogs have an icon on their homepage that you can click to subscribe (you may see mine at the top, left of this page or simply click here to subscribe to this blog).
  • Google Reader: When you choose to subscribe to a blog you can receive email notifications or have the blog updates populate in certain blog-reading programs like Google Reader. I subscribe to a bunch of blogs and check all of them through Google Reader since it keeps everyone’s blog updates in one spot. This allows me to keep up with blogs I love without having to individually check the sites or type in the website addresses every day.
  • Bookmarking: If subscribing to a blog isn’t your cup of tea,  you may be more interested in bookmarking a favorite site. To do this, simply hold down the “Ctrl” and “D” keys on your keyboard and click “Done” and the site will be bookmarked!
  • Commenting: I was shocked when one of my very best friends told me she didn’t know she could comment on my blog! (*This is Julie’s comment, but I also had the same experience*)  She was confused by my “Questions of the Day” and didn’t understand why I’d ask them when no one could answer. Well, you can! At the bottom of a post, you’ll see red text with a whole bunch of links. If you click the one that says “Leave a Comment” or “15 Comments” etc., then you can simply type in your name (or nickname), your email address (which no one but me will see) and your web site (if applicable) and then comment away! (I absolutely LOVE reading all of your comments — so keep ’em comin!) 😀
  • Twitter: Many bloggers are really into Twitter. (I just started “tweeting” about a week ago and I find it pretty interesting.) As Julie, said, “It’s a great way to follow some of your favorite bloggers, venues and companies. I especially love it when companies or actual cities “tweet” about promotions and sales. Twitter is a great tool to use to be “in the know.”

So hopefully, for some of you, our little “tutorial” this morning may have made things easier for you to navigate through some blogs.  For those of you who are already well-versed in this stuff, and are still here reading, I’ll leave you with a cute Cody picture to say “THANKS” for stayin’ with me this morning! 😀

Random Question for ya…

For one day, if you had to eat the same meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, what would it be? :)


  1. says

    i just discovered google reader the other day (how did i live without it?) its awesomeeee!

    hmm i would eat pancakes every day too if i could and if there were no conseqences! haha.

  2. peanutbutterfingers says

    if nutrition wasn’t a concern, i’d eat ice cream morning, noon & night – no doubt about it! 😀

  3. Liza says

    I’d eat *cereal* all day… and i have done this quite a few times throughout college! I used to go through a box of cereal SO quickly, its scary! Luckily I’m a runner so my body can handle ridiculous amounts of carbs!! I can’t imagine going a day without any! 😉

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