Still Working…

It is currently 9:45 at night, and the boys are still working outside on the yard!  It has certainly been a LONG day and now I have to wait until tomorrow to see the final project in light! (yes, they’re working outside with spotlights) 😉

I’ll fill you guys in with a quick recap of what some of today involved:

Farmers Market

While the boys got to work in the yard, Mal and I took a trip down to the Farmers Market.  I was bummed that I couldn’t find anymore jumbo carrots, but I DID leave with some other goodies:

Along with a fresh loaf of rye bread, I found some more delicious strawberries…

And FINALLY, some more Blizzard Butter!!! Yessssss! :mrgreen:

More Yard Work

Yard work continued to ensue throughout the entire day — and when I say entire day, it’s no joke.  We met this morning at 9am to buy plants, and we’re now at almost 10pm and I can still see them working through the window. :)  (However, there was a large break in the middle of the afternoon to watch the U.S. play in the World Cup, and needless to say, we had a room full of some very unhappy boys!)  Luckily, the disappointing game didn’t keep them from workin’ hard!  Here’s a sneak peek at all of their handy work:

Hiiii Boyss! 😀

Homemade White Peach Sangria

As exciting as it is to know I’m going to have a beautiful front yard, watching it happen is about as exciting as watching paint dry!  So as you can imagine, Mal and I started to get a little antsy.  Finally, we decided to make some fun beverages.  Mal actually used to work at Applebees, so she still remembers the recipe for their White Peach Sangria – and I had ALL the ingredients for it!  YES!

White Peach Sangria

3 parts White Zinfandel

1 part peach Schnapps

1 part pineapple Schnapps

splash of sierra mist

splash of pineapple juice

Mix all ingredients above in a pitcher.  Cut up desired fruit and add to sangria.

*You can play around with the amount of sierra mist & pineapple juice – just add to your liking!

While sipping on our sangria, Mal and I relaxed while watching the movie Chicago – it’s been so long since I’ve watched it!  Such a good movie. :)

Pizza for Dinner (again)

The boys were working so hard, around 8pm, Mal and I decided it was probably time to feed them (and us!) so we went out and picked up some pizza for everyone.

I ordered a small tossed salad for Mal and I to share, and I thoroughly enjoyed a piece of veggie pizza with fresh tomatoes, green peppers, onions, & spinach.

I think I can hear them maybe finishing up — for now!  I’ll be sure to share some final photos tomorrow. :)

Question for the Night:

Do you consider yourself to have a “green thumb”?  Do you have your own garden or enjoy planting flowers?

I WISH I had more a green thumb, but I’m just not great at it. 😳  I was really hoping to get my act together this year and start a garden, but it just didn’t happen…hopefully next year!


  1. says

    Right now we live in an apartment because we’re moving all over the place. I can’t WAIT to be in a stable location so I can garden. I really want to grow pretty flowers and yummy vegetables! :)

    P.S. That sangria looks so good!

  2. Pat says

    The yard looks fantastic so far! Can’t wait to see the finished product. And those strawberries………………….mmmmm

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