Wine Glasses at Breakfast?

Happy Monday!  Hope you’ve all gotten your morning off to a great start…I know I did!  I just finished a nice interval run on the treadmill, covering just shy of 4 miles.  It was a blisteringly hot glorious run. 😉  I’m sure you can imagine, with the amount of humidity that we have in the air right now, that by the time I was done, I pretty much looked like I had just gone for a swim – yowzas! 😯  So breakfast had 2 requirements:

– no baking/cooking involved

-must be COLD

Now, Monday’s usually require a little “somethin’ extra”, right?  Something to get your week started off on the right foot?  Well, I figured, why not start my morning off with a little breakfast out of a wine glass! 😉

It was a breakfast fit for royalty (or even for a hot sweaty Courtney, either way, it works)!  I used Julie’s breakfast parfait from last week for my inspiration, and it surely did not disappoint.  I mixed up a batch of strawberry banana “soft serve” (which I’m now addicted to and need to go freeze more bananas…), and layered it up with a Chobani honey flavored yogurt, and some fresh blueberries.

To make the “soft serve”, all I did was put 1 frozen, sliced banana into the blender with a handful of frozen strawberries, and some cold water.  I let it mingle for a while to get to my desired consistency, and voila – soft serve!  I’m definitely going to be experimenting with some more flavors soon. :)

Looks like I need to work on my layering skills…I think next time I’ll use a white wine glass instead of red – they’re too fat to layer nicely! 😉

My parfait was absolutely perfect – cool, creamy, and not to mention, kinda fancy! 😀

So while I was running this morning, I got an idea for a future “Fashion Friday” post that I think you guys might enjoy!  I’m really excited about it, but I still have to work out some of the details, so make sure to check back later today and I’ll give ya’ll the scoop!

Random Question for the Morning:

What’s your favorite fruit?

This one’s hard for me because I love ALL fruit – but if I could only pick one, I’d probably say bananas, just because they’re so versatile and can be used in so much (like SOFT SERVE!) 😉


  1. peanutbutterfingers says

    yummm! your parfait looks great! :) my fav fruit – hard question! i think i love mangoes, watermelon & apples the most!

  2. says

    You’re a little bit classier than me – I put my smoothie in a beer mug last week! :)
    As for my favorite fruit, so hard to choose. I’m in love with granny smith apples, watermelon, honeydew and peaches!

  3. says

    i think wine glasses are appropriate for any drink at any point in the day. i especially like them for milk. i feel naughty and wholesome at the same time.

    yesssss for the fashion friday idea!

    favorite fruit — so hard. i love blueberries IN things, but not as much plain. weird, i know. i love pineapple and bananas on their own.

  4. says

    Mmm…now THAT is the kind of breakfast I needed this morning! I got super-sweaty on the Stair Master, then came back and made myself an egg-white & cheese sandwich. It was yummy, but it took me FOREVER to cool down! And my favorite fruit is probably bananas too…love putting them on my oatmeal and cereal, and just eating them as a snack. I love pears too, but I have a hard time find them at just the right ripeness!

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